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The 3-word formula for success

"How we can" formula. The three words, "how we can", makes prospects pay attention and listen to our benefits. So, when we describe our products, business, or advise use these words for better impact. How we can: Be the first one to retire in your peer group. Have on going automatic leads. Build family memories with a holiday of a lifetime. Increase our investments while we sleep. Improve our portfolio in just one meeting. Protect our children from paying inheritance tax. Understand when we can retire in one coffee meeting. How to... Read full article

My three most-used phrases.

​ Of the four basic skills, rapport is #1. If we don’t have rapport, well, we have no chance. Phrase #1: "Well, you know how." Great rapport builder. Phrase #2: "Most people." Creates rapport and closes. Phrase #3: "Would it be okay if." An easy close. Add power words when talking with prospects. Tested. (Seems credible.) Proven. (No more scepticism.) Endorsed. (Someone important agrees.) Discover. (Gets their attention.) Options. (They feel relaxed and in control.) Think about. (Causes them to consider our fact... Read full article

Two Professionals walk down a street of prospects …

​ The first Professional talks to everyone. No prospects. He thinks, "What a bunch of dumb prospects. My offer is too expensive. The economy is bad. This business is too hard." The second Professional talks to the same prospects. The prospects react, "Wow! Tell me more!" They think, "What a great gold mine of prospects. Almost everyone wants what I offer." The lesson? Prospects are neutral. They don’t become a good prospect or a bad prospect, until they meet us. They make a quick decision based on the words we say. If you... Read full article

How do we introduce what we do?

​ We want to promote our speaking, training, coaching, advising or programme but we don’t want to look pushy or risk rejection. So, when someone asks us what we do for a living, our answer can make all the difference. Here is one formula. Not the only formula, but an effective formula to start. Step #1: Create rapport and familiarity. How? By describing something our prospect believes to be true. Now our prospects feel like we see the world from the same viewpoint. We must be fellow geniuses, just like them. Step #2: What will we describe? A problem our... Read full article

Prospects prejudge …

​ Prospects prejudge us in the first 10 seconds, before we mention our company, our video, or our compensation plan. This is where the decision happens. Not fair, is it? Prospects don’t know how their minds make a decision, but we do. When we control the first 10 seconds, everything else is easy. No more rejection, selling, or convincing. Spend our time perfecting our first 10 seconds. This is a short, 7-minute video from the MDRT is the answer. It is one of their most popular videos as they have translated it into 12 different languages. Here is... Read full article

Can I sit on my butt and build?

​ Q. “I want to sit on my butt and let the ‘law of attraction’ build my business. Of course, I will set some goals, work on my attitude, do a fire walk, and chant some affirmations to help. Will I re-watch the movie, ‘The Secret’? Sure. Mind over matter. So, what do you think about that?” A. Attraction marketing, branding, Internet systems, funnels, avatar targeting, and online influencing sound sexy ... but the real action happens when we actually talk to a “live” human being. Prospects are generally... Read full article

Your first ten words are more important than your next ten thousand!

​ In the 1980s, Business owners provided prospects with facts and information. Prospects needed videos, brochures, and slides. But today, prospects have the Internet. They have all the information they need. They don't need us to show or read the information to them. Q. So what is our job as Professionals? A. To get a YES decision. We have to stop living in the 1980s. Those days are not coming back. If we don't know how to get our prospects to make immediate decisions, yes, we can read my two books on skills. But this is something we can do... Read full article

How does a client pick you, or your competitor?

​ Your potential client comes sets an appointment for the initial consultation. Nervous, he arrives at your office, sits down, and begins to explain his problem. Now, this potential client can describe this problem to 100 different firms. The problem remains the same. So how does this person choose you? Or how does this person make a decision to choose any other of the 99 firms? Your academic credentials? The size of your office? If the free coffee was tasty? If the chairs were soft? The testimonials on your website? The pictures on your wall? If your... Read full article

Interactive types

​ Last week, we looked at dominant, direct personality types. This week, we’re going to look at the interactive personality. These make up 25% of the population. These people smile and chat more. They are the life and soul of the party. These people are easy to spot They smile more They chat more They speak fast Words to use with Interactive people – “Let’s meet up for lunch / event, where we can chat more about how to …., meet other people ….” Watch the video below for more information... Read full article

How to Connect with Dominant Personalities

​ Last week, we mentioned that over the next four weeks we would give you an insight into how to observe and spot signs for which of the four personality types our clients are. We will learn what words would be more favourable to use to build rapport and trust with each type. (Please remember that we do have a blend of personalities. This is just their primary personality.) ​ This week let’s concentrate on the dominant, direct personality clients. You’ll be pleased to know this only makes up 10% of the population! These people like to win and are... Read full article