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Ignorance on fire gets … burned!

​ Would you get your new car serviced by an unskilled wannabe mechanic? Would you allow an unskilled student dentist to repair your teeth? Mindset is important, but it can only take us part of the way. Walking across burning coals is a nice party trick, but that isn't our mission in Business. "Wanting it" and "knowing how to get it" are two different things. But ... nobody told me that when I started. So, I started my career with ... Ignorance on fire! Yes, it did attract a few people. But later I learned that they came for the... Read full article

Great excuses

​ “It's not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” -- Anonymous Advisor Ever notice that the Advisors who do the least … have the most excuses? Their philosophy is, “I don’t have to work, or even try, as long as I have great excuses.” What are some of their favourite excuses from the library? I don’t have any time. I don’t know anyone. No one wants to listen to me. It is difficult to know what to say. I don’t want to feel like a salesperson. It is easy for other people,... Read full article

How did I turn my life around in speaking, training and writing?

​ It is what we don’t know that holds us back. How much did I NOT know when I first started my business? Everything. One book changed that: “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. I discovered new things such as: People just react to what we say and do. People think about themselves all of the time. People don’t care about us, but focus on their problems. People will listen to us if we talk about them. Oh. There were many more unknown lessons in this book for me. But learning what I didn’t know... Read full article

Soundbite magic

Forget, facts, features, PowerPoint, and company videos. The real action happens in the first few seconds of our conversation. And, when we do get a chance to talk, let’s keep it short. Let’s use sound bites to deliver the maximum effect in the minimum number of words. Some soundbite examples: For insurance sales: “Dying for us is a major inconvenience, but even a larger inconvenience for the people we leave behind.” For diet sales: "Turn your body into a fat-burning machine." For team members at your company: “Learn one... Read full article

Paste a sticky note inside our prospects’ minds.

The longer our offer stays in our prospects' minds, the better chance of our message sticking in their minds. We want to be more than a fleeting thought. Examples of questions that stick? "If taking care of your pension gives you the option to retire earlier , what will you do during those extra years of freedom?" "When you get a better return on your investments, what are some of the additional things you will spend it on?" "How will you feel when you know all of your inheritance will go to your loved ones and not the Government?... Read full article

Opening phrase cringe …

We get judged quickly. Unfair, but reality. If we use these opening phrases, it might be time to rethink how we start conversations online. Hi, I love connecting with like-minded individuals ... I noticed we're both passionate about ... I see that we share an interest in ... It's great to connect with fellow ... Do we feel the dreaded "salesperson alarm" ringing? Instead of using these worn, generic openings, let’s personalize our messages. Yes, be human. Not a cut ‘n paste robot. And the difference? More honest... Read full article

Change how we say it.

Most amateurs spend several minutes warming up their listeners. Why? Don’t say, “This is an inexpensive solution.” Instead, say, “You will LOVE how much you will save.” Don’t say, “These vitamins have 99 magic ingredients.” Instead, say, “You LOVE how these will make you feel.” See a trend? Because they don’t use good rapport skills. They don’t understand how it works, and don’t know the shortcuts. So the next time we see this in real life, smile. We can say to ourselves,... Read full article

Why problems rock!

​ The purpose of business is to solve people's problems. And nobody wants a solution … unless they have a problem. Oh. Need a shortcut? Think of our conversations following this outline. Ready? Do you have a problem? Do you want to fix your problem? When do you want to fix your problem? How long do you want to keep it? If you want to fix your problem now, here is what I can do to help fix your problem. This isn’t very complicated, but it is so effective. This also explains why shy listeners do so well in professional networking.... Read full article

Ever heard these 6 words? "I want to think about it."?

"I want to think about it." So, our prospect looks us in the eye and say, "I want to think about it." We reply, "Oh. Uh. Uh. Well, uh, see what your spouse, boss and other strangers say, and we'll talk in a couple days." I know, I know. You would never say anything dumb like this. Me neither. These 2 words would help you overcome the “I need to think about it excuse”. This short video explains these 2 words quickly. Comfortable and... Read full article

Coaching versus reading.

Imagine you are a karate black belt. You take two people from the audience. One will read a karate book and watch Bruce Lee videos on YouTube. The other you will personally coach every day. Who will win? I have a coach, do you? Most successful people have a coach, perhaps there is a clue here? Look for someone who has the skills you want, and ask for some help, your skills and actions determine your income and lifestyle. Financial Advisors - How to close more easily and turn annual reviews into instant referrals for more new clients At no cost... Read full article