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How good is our answer?

Prospect: "So what do you do for a living?" Business owner: "I am in the global search for entrepreneurial talent, for time freedom and money freedom, whereby people can accumulate wealth through multiple streams of residual income with International benefits ..." Prospect: "It's okay to just say that you don’t know.” Some examples for different Professions Prospect: "So what do you do for a living?" Accountant: We take the stress out of submitting your tax returns. Lawyer: We help you avoid expensive... Read full article

Take Action!

​ Last night I went for a walk. 15 minutes from my house, it began to rain. I had two choices. #1. Run to my house. Of course, that would be risky as I am out of shape, could be messy. #2. Walk back to my house. But then I would be soaked from the rain, and that wouldn’t be healthy either. While I was standing in the rain thinking about which choice made more sense, it occurred to me that people spend far too much time thinking and not enough time taking action. I had a flashback to 25 years ago. A guy named Barry and I started to talk about writing... Read full article

Why people Quit, Quitting is a human thing?

​ Quitting is a human thing. We quit diets, quit jobs, quit eating, quit watching television at night, and well, quitting is normal and many times good for us. If we feel like quitting because we can’t build a business or productive team, consider these two solutions first. Solution #1. Talk to hundreds or thousands of prospects. Hope to find the rare individuals who aren't quitters, who are totally self-motivated, and will ignore our feeble sales pitch. Solution #2. Learn to use better words and phrases so we don't talk prospects out of using our... Read full article

Fixed mindsets vs growth mindsets.

We either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.  Here is one of the differences between the two mindsets. “Reasons why” versus “reasons why not.” Fixed growth mindsets look for “reasons why not,” why an opportunity won’t work for them. But where did they get that mindset trait? Here is just one place: work. If a fixed-mindset person hates his job, when a problem or challenge occurs, he is more than happy to say he can’t move forward. This means he won’t have to work harder on a job he... Read full article

Do you know the guidelines to Brain Science?

​ If someone had shared these absurd brain rules with me 30 years ago, I would have told them, "You are crazy!" But brain science can turn ordinary, ineffective business owners like me into productive coaches and speakers. All we have to do is learn from these smart brain researchers and getting “yes” decisions becomes easy. It is what we don’t know that holds us back. Ready for a few brain rules? All decisions are made in the subconscious mind. Decisions happen immediately. Decisions happen before the information. Our... Read full article

The Fool.

​ My successful coach: “Stop giving prospects all the information.” Me (the fool): “I would be a coach unless I had all the information.” Yes, I was 100% correct. I would never be a coach unless I had all the information. My successful coach was wrong. I was living proof. And I didn’t mind telling him how he wrong on this one, many years ago. Uh ... but I missed one important fact. I wasn’t giving presentations to me. I was giving presentations to prospects who did not think like me! That is when I learned the lesson,... Read full article

How to make our conversations interesting.

If our prospects are not interested, they change the subject. To be interesting, we must talk about problems that our prospects experience. Here are 5 examples of interesting first sentences.​ "If you have a few minutes, I would like to share with you how we can help you pay less tax." "If you have a few minutes, I would like to share with you how we can help you save time with your accounting "If you have a few minutes, I would like to tell you how my friend got a 50% raise and now works from home." "If you have a few minutes, I... Read full article

What can we do in 15 minutes a day?

We don’t have to find days that are 24 hours and 15 minutes long. All we need to do is make a choice about our activities. So instead of mindlessly channel-surfing, watching cat videos, YouTube recommendations, depressing news commentaries for hours ... well, don’t give these activities up. They might be enjoyable. But how about taking just 15 minutes of that time to become an expert? There are 45 more weeks this year. We can be awesome at something if we spend 15 minutes a day getting better. Let’s imagine we wanted to become a pro, an... Read full article

What we don't know ... stops us in our tracks!

​ The only thing between us and where we want to be is a bunch of stuff, we don’t know ... yet. If we knew that stuff, we would already be where we wanted to be. It is what we don’t know that holds us back. Many years ago, I created the perfect presentation. Every fact was illustrated, any objections were pre-addressed, and all information led to the close. I put my offering in a brilliant light, on a pedestal, ready to accept new business. And then the universe said, "Bernie, you are an idiot!" It is what we don’t know that holds... Read full article

Born to be happy....

Professor of Psychology, Ed Diener, says that "The aim of life is to die young as late as possible." Here are a few tips on how to do just that: 1. If you take a £20 note, crumple it up, throw it on the floor, and tread on it a few times, it may be a little dirty and the worst for wear, but it hasn't lost any of its value. The same is true of you. Remember, what happens to you doesn't change your value. 2. Whatever life you have in you, express it. If you have the urge to bake cakes, do stand-up comedy, or run a marathon ..... overcome the... Read full article