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"No pain! No gain!" ... uh ... what ...???

​ "Don't be a loser! Just go out and talk to people! Mindset is everything! Learn to love rejection!" The motivational guru couldn't stop preaching. In an even louder voice, he continued with his memorized metaphors: No pain, no gain is like climbing a mountain - the higher you go, the harder the journey will be but the better the view at the top. No pain, no gain is like forging a sword - you have to put in long hours and hard work to make it strong enough to withstand whatever life throws at it. No pain, no gain is like running a marathon -... Read full article

Why team members fail … badly.

New Advisor: "Nothing is working. I can't get anyone to talk to me. They instantly tell me they are not interested. This business doesn't work." Successful Advisor: "It is time you learn the skill of professional ice breakers. This will get turn ordinary people into interested prospects." New Advisor: "Ha! No way. I am arrogant. There is no way I will change what I say. It isn't my fault. Prospects are stupid. And why should I take advice from successful people like you? I know better. I know more." We know how the story... Read full article

How short is our attention span?

I recently read an article that the human attention span is now down to four seconds. Is that true? I don’t know, because I didn’t read the second sentence. I knew some cat videos were waiting for me if I scrolled further. The point is that we must change our marketing model from introducing long, boring videos to prospects as the first step. These videos will educate our prospects later, but first, we have to get their attention, and their commitment. Holding Our Prospects’ Attention Here are some great words we can say at the end of our... Read full article

Can you beat this kid’s offer?

Nagging kid: “Mom, give me a cookie and I will stop bothering you.” Mom: “If I give you a cookie, will you go back to playing your video games so I can get some work done?” Nagging kid: “Ooooh. That would be a two-cookie deal. Can I have two-cookies?” Like it or not, when we talk to prospects, we are making an offer. So … how good are our marketing offers? Prospects are self-centred. They think about themselves, their problems, and their dreams. That is why we should make our offers all about them. Let’s... Read full article

Company Video Feedback

How do our prospects react to our company videos? Honest thoughts from prospects tricked into watching a video? Brace ourselves. "At the end, I just wanted 12 minutes of my life back. I mean, it was like watching paint dry, but with more talking." "I lost interest at the two-second mark. As soon as I saw the logo, I was done. Yet somehow, they managed to drag it out for what felt like an eternity." "I don't know what was worse, the cheesy background music or the over-the-top sales pitch. Either way, I was ready to jump out a... Read full article

Bob dies in this story.

Bob falls into a deep hole. After hours of shouting for help, an Advisor hears him. "Hey, buddy, what happened?" asked the Advisor. "I fell into this hole and can't get out," replied Bob. "Don't worry. I'll try to help you." The Advisor finds a rope, but it is too short. So, he says to Bob, "Well, I tried. Sorry, it didn't work out." And then continued his walk. Bob shouts again. Another Advisor walks by and hears his cry for help. "Hey. Looks like you are stuck in this deep hole. Don't worry,... Read full article

My Two Favourite Mini-Phrases to Disarm Negative Prospects.

“Here is the short story …” And then I give a couple sentence summary of my offer. “What would you like to know first?” Now the prospect forgets about his resistance to us and opens up and tells us what he wants to know. This conversation hook is a no-brainer. Say, “Guess what happened to …” Instant engagement. Then, when our prospects guess, or say that they don’t know, this gives us a chance to tell our story that introduces how we can solve the prospects problem, they didn’t know they... Read full article

The four words that make us fail.

Here they are: “I will start tomorrow.” We delay diets, prospecting, follow-up, Master Classes and exercise by telling ourselves, “I will start tomorrow.” These four words kill our motivation by telling our minds to procrastinate until tomorrow. And we know what happens tomorrow. A repeat performance. So, as we read these tips, are we thinking, “I will use these tips tomorrow?” A simple sentence to get our prospect's instant attention. Before starting our presentation, say: "If you have a few minutes,... Read full article

How to make our offers Magnetic to our prospects

Since prospects are reactive, all we need to do is choose simple sentences that make our prospects relax. Here are some ideas of what we could add when making our offers: This may or may not work for you. I don’t know if this will work for you, but you can decide that. Something for you to consider in the future. This may or may not be your cup of tea. Only you know if this fits you or not. I know you explore options, so here is one more to add to your list. Only you can decide if this is something to move forward on or not. This may or may not be a... Read full article

Mind-reading magic.

When we are meeting new clients or prospecting, creating rapport is difficult. We jump into our sales presentation of features, facts, and benefits way too quickly. One of the easiest ways of gaining trust with prospects is to read their minds. They will feel that you see the world from the same viewpoint as them. It is not hard to read a prospect's mind. All we have to do is observe and use a little bit of common sense. For example, here are some mind-reading statements that we could say to a potential prospect lets give 5 different occupations as example If... Read full article