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There are two types of Solicitors:

  1. Those Solicitors with low incomes, struggling to find new clients;
  2. Those with high incomes with automatic referrals and high-level engagement skills who instruct more clients

Hello, I’m Bernie De Souza, the UK’s #1 expert on automatic referrals and client engagement skills for Solicitors.

Most Solicitors can quickly learn these two life-changing skills by either:

  1. Personal coaching.
  2. Attending a “live” workshop (a less expensive option).

Often in keynote speeches for clients, I ask the question, “Are you hoping for clients to find you?”

Unfortunately, that is the strategy of low-income Solicitors .Clients are busy with their lives and seldom take the initiative to seek out a Solicitor.

I believe that even a newly qualified Solicitor can be hugely successful by mastering a few basic skills such as:

  1. Automatic referrals.
  2. Telephone engagement skills.
  3. Completing (Closing )skills.
  4. Presentations to the decision-making part of the brain.
  5. Time management skills.

Problems such as, instruction reluctance, fear of calling, and empty diaries automatically disappear with the above skills.
Whether you get personal coaching, attend a “live” workshop, or engage me for a keynote speech, you will always receive great break-thru step-by-step methods that you can use immediately.

If you are ready to move your business to a much higher level, contact me directly now at: 01926 800163.


I’ve worked with international sports teams, originally getting my inspiration 25 years ago from Olympians Linford Christie and Daley Thompson, and more recently sharing the stage with speakers like Robert Kiyoaski (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Australian best-selling body language author Alan Pease, and England coach Clive Woodward.

Who I am able to help includes:

  • Browne Jacobsons
  • Shakespeare’s
  • Else Solicitors
  • Bylthe Liggins
  • Douglas Wemyss Solicitors LLP
  • Mackrell International Solicitors
  • Browns Solicitors

Typical Workshops:

1. How to Get more Clients without Selling or Rejection.

2. Super Closing: How to complete the sale first with their subconscious mind.

3. Magic Words that Ensure Clients say “Yes”.

4. Reading Personalities in order to be in Rapport – Fast.

5. Getting Appointments Quickly over the Telephone

I also deliver personal coaching when needed to help Solicitors develop the quality and profitability of their practices quickly.



"Hi, my name's Ben Ransom and I'm from Shakespeares.  I do Marketing Business Development.  I've just attended a training session by Bernie De Souza.  It was the first session I have been to.  Fantastic, some really really good tips about how to win new business and some new clients.  I highly recommend him and hopefully I will be working with him again soon."

Ben Ransom - Shakespeares Solicitors

"Hello, my name is Claire Nickolds.  I am a Family Law Solicitor and Partner at the family law firm Jones Nickolds.  I have just attended a CPD event, hosted by Ted but presented by Bernie De Souza, and I just wanted to say a very quick thank you to Bernie for a hugely enlightening talk covering a range of topics, but most importantly and relevant for us, about how we interact with our clients and get the best for them, and how we use those skills to attract new clients to our businesses.  Hugely, hugely insightful and interesting work that will really help us move forward with our practice.  So, thank you ever so much for the time and for a very enjoyable, but educational, seminar this lunchtime.  Thank you."

Claire Nickolds - Jones Nickolds

"My name is Joanna Stiff.  I work at a law firm in Woking called KGW Family Law.  I am a Solicitor Mediator and have attended an event today presented by Bernie De Souza, which has been absolutely fantastic.  I have learnt key skills in how to further my own business potential and maximise client and business connections for my firm.  I couldn't thank him highly enough for all of the wisdom that he has imparted today."

Joanna Stiff
KGW Family Law

"Hi, my name is Matthew Needham from Crane and Walton LLP Solicitors.  I have just attended a CPD event on how to get more clients by Bernie De Souza.  The event was well organised, interactive and delivered high quality relevant content.  Bernie delivered some great information on how to get more clients.  

I would highly recommend Bernie De Souza to any solicitors who want to get more clients, more easily, without even selling."

Matthew Needham 
Crane and Walton LLP Solicitors

"Hi, my name is SanjeevShivalkar.  I am a Solicitor at Faradays, and as a founding partner and owner, business development and getting new clients are essential in defence law.

We engaged Bernie De Souza, a Specialist Business Growth Advisor with law firms, and he gave us the exact words to use with clients, their engagement and also profiled all the staff so we could work as a more coherent team to offer our clients a better service. Not only was the training relevant and helped us make more money, but we also received CPD points, as Bernie is CPD accredited.  

I would fully recommend his processes to any solicitors who want to gain more clients, retain existing ones and also receive CPD points at the same time."

Faradays Solicitors

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“I found Bernie's talk to be absolutely fantastic. It became abundantly clear that Bernie is clearly someone who knows what he is talking about and his track record shows he can 'walk the walk' as well as 'talk the talk'.”

-- Sanjeev Punj