The Secret Language Of Your Prospects

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If you are an organiser of events, or have a team that needs training, you will know the skill of discovering the secret language of prospects is essential. We only naturally get on with 1 in 4 people which could mean we are losing up to 75% of potential business without even knowing, innocently destroying the chemistry of communication.

This very popular skill is one of the biggest reasons why companies unknowingly struggle with both their clients and within their own team too -  simply because people do not know how read, understand and use the right words for the people we are speaking to.

If your team wants to be entertained while learning this high-level skill, then they will love this workshop. No more difficult people to deal with and quicker connection with everyone you meet - everyone wins.

Well you know how people tend to do business with people they like and trust? And you and I know what happens when we do not connect with people when we first meet them, and some people are more difficult than others? Well this skill will help you overcome this fear forever.

You have done the difficult part of getting in front of someone, built rapport and now all you have to do is pull the trigger, and speak their language but HOW? Exactly what do you say word for word for your potential client to say "yes please pick me” when you meet, and how do you know what phrases they will connect with?

There are 2 types of people in the world, those who are trained with the secret language and those who keep talking and hoping the client will connect with them.

If you want to read, understand and know what to say when you first meet your client then let me share with you what you will get when you hear me speak……

  • What words to use to the 4 different personality types.
  • How to connect with everyone you meet even the difficult ones.
  • How to avoid the risk of upsetting your best client.
  • How to read and understand the buying signals of our clients so we can get more business in less time.
  • I will teach you word for word exactly what to say to overcome the fear for life.

In a highly entertaining, fast moving presentation with interactive communication, which motivates everyone to want to use these skills immediately, straight after I have spoken you will be able to use these skills immediately.

That uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach of not being able to connect emotionally to important people will disappear for life when you master this skill and you will get new business more easily, learn this skill in only one presentation, workshop or one to one session for life. I realise you might have had your personality profile done in the past, but this will only polish excellence so increase the results  with a deeper understanding with this skill.

So what is going to be easier for you? Miss out on all that income being untrained or learn this skill in just one presentation and sort this painful problem out for life.

My name is Bernie De Souza helping you to get more clients more easily and more often without even selling.



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“Bernie has introduced me to a whole range of new skills, which I have been applying to my business and the results have been outstanding.  For this month of September, for which we are only into the 16th day, I have already signed up business which is in excess of £600,000 of new investments, which for me is an absolute record.”

- David Walsh, Financial Advisor