Financial Advisors

There are two types of Financial Advisors:

  1. Those with low incomes, struggling to find new clients;
  2. Those with high incomes with automatic referrals and high-level engagement skills.

Hello, I’m Bernie De Souza, the UK’s #1 expert on automatic referrals and client engagement skills. 

Most financial advisors can quickly learn these two life-changing skills by either:

  1. Personal coaching.
  2. Attending a “live” workshop (a less expensive option).

Often in keynote speeches for clients, I ask the question, “Are you hoping for clients to find you?”

Unfortunately, that is the strategy of low-income Financial Advisors. Clients are busy with their lives and seldom take the initiative to seek out a Financial Advisor.

I believe that even the newly qualified Financial Advisor can be hugely successful by mastering a few basic skills such as:

  1. Automatic referrals.
  2. Telephone engagement skills.
  3. Closing skills.
  4. Presentations to the decision-making part of the brain.
  5. Time management skills.

Problems such as, sales reluctance, fear of calling, and empty diaries automatically disappear with the above skills. Whether you get personal coaching, attend a “live” workshop, or engage me for a keynote speech, you will always receive great break-thru step-by-step methods that you can use immediately.

If you are ready to move your business to a much higher level, contact me directly now at: +44 1926 800163.


I’ve worked with international sports teams, originally getting my inspiration 25 years ago from Olympians Linford Christie and Daley Thompson, and more recently sharing the stage with speakers like Robert Kiyoaski (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Australian best-selling body language author Alan Pease, and England coach Clive Woodward. Who I am able to help includes:

* Financial Services HR Directors, L&D departments
* FS L&D departments
* FS Sales Managers
* FS Salespeople/advisors
* IFA Professionals

Financial Services Companies I have helped.

  • St James Place on the National Program
  • St James Place Academy
  • Openwork Senior Business
  • Personal Finance Society National Program
  • Tower Gate Financial Services
  • Prudential
  • Barclays
  • HSBC
  • Simply Biz
  • Intrinsic

Typical Workshops:

  1. How to Get more Clients without Selling or Rejection
  2. Super Closing: How to complete the sale first with their subconscious mind
  3. Magic Words that Ensure Clients say “Yes”
  4. Reading Personalities in order to be in Rapport – Fast
  5. Getting Appointments Quickly over the Telephone

I also deliver personal coaching when needed to help sales advisors develop the quality and profitability of their practices quickly.


Hi I'm Michael Sage, Partner within the Newcastle Location.

I have worked with Bernie for the past 4 or 5 months now.  He has been incredibly influential in the business and how it is run, not just with me, but also my staff. He’s taken the time to sit with them and run through how to make the office more efficient.

Last year, January, February, wrote about 15,000 to 20,000 credits in the first 2 months and it was a bit of a struggle through the year.  We did achieve double partner but that was due to mainly meeting up with Bernie in October, November, December and having a real push. January, February, hit the ground running, talking to the girls in the office making appointments to see us but also being really motivated on dealing with the clients’ word patterns and structures. So, with the help of Bernie, we more than tripled the business written in the first 2 months of the year and aiming to surpass what we did as double partner last year.

Thanks very much Bernie we appreciate it.

Michael Sage

Sage Wealth Management

"Hi, I'm Simon Stanard from Fox Payne Associates.  I've been working with Bernie for the last 90 days.  I have fully engaged with his processes and I've found that my earnings have gone from between zero and £2000 per month, and I am just having my best month of £20,000."

Simon Stanard
Fox Payne Associates

"Hi, my names' David Hill.  I've had a great session with Bernie this morning.  We sat down and compiled a script that I could use on the telephone, made a few calls and I have managed to get 12 appointments, about the same number of call backs and, most importantly, I've overcome my discomfort of using the telephone."

David Hill
Financial Advisor

"Hi, I'm Janine Edwards.  I've just been on Bernie's half day workshop and one of the things that Bernie was talking about was referrals.  I'm already quite successful at getting referrals from clients, but the thing I loved about today was that Bernie has taught me how to be a little bit more direct with referrals than my existing approach, and I think anybody that would like more referrals, or struggles getting referrals at all, would highly benefit from Bernie's approach."

Janine Edwards
Senior Partner of Financial Services Company

“Hi, I’m David Walsh.  I’ve been working with Bernie since August of this year and I have had a fantastic turn around in terms of the work I’ve been doing.  Bernie has introduced me to a whole range of new skills, which I have been applying to my business and the results have been outstanding.  For this month of September, for which we are only into the 16th day, I have already signed up business which is in excess of £600,000 of new investments, which for me is an absolute record.  So, Bernie, thanks very much for your input.”

David Walsh
Financial Advisor

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"After working with Bernie my earnings have gone from between zero and £2000 per month, and I am just having my best month of £20,000."

- Simon Stanard, Fox Payne Associates