There are two types of Accountants:

  1. Those accountants with low-paying new clients, struggling to find more clients;
  2. Those with high-paying clients, who appreciate their service, and who get automatic referrals for new business regularly.

Hello, I’m Bernie De Souza, the UK’s #1 expert on automatic referrals and client engagement skills. Most Accountants can quickly learn these two life-changing skills by either:

  1. Personal coaching.
  2. Attending a “live” workshop (a less expensive option).

Often in keynote speeches for clients, I ask the question, “Are you hoping for clients to find you?”

Unfortunately, that is the strategy of low-income Accountants. Clients are busy with their lives and seldom take the initiative to seek out an Accountant. I believe that even the newly qualified Accountant can be hugely successful by mastering a few basic skills such as:

  1. Automatic referrals.
  2. Telephone engagement skills.
  3. Closing skills.
  4. Presentations to the decision-making part of the brain.
  5. Time management skills.

Problems such as, sales reluctance, fear of calling, and empty diaries automatically disappear with the above skills.

Whether you get personal coaching, attend a “live” workshop, or engage me for a keynote speech, you will always receive great break-thru step-by-step methods that you can use immediately.

If you are ready to move your business to a much higher level, contact me directly now at: 01926 800163.

My Background

I’ve worked with international sports teams, originally getting my inspiration 25 years ago from Olympians Linford Christie and Daley Thompson, and more recently sharing the stage with speakers like Robert Kiyoaski (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Australian best-selling body language author Alan Pease, and England coach Clive Woodward.

Who I am able to help includes:

  • Haines Watts
  • Mazars
  • KPMG
  • TaxAssist Accountants
  • Grant Thornton UK
  • PRB Accountants

Typical Workshops:

  1. How to Get more Clients without Selling or Rejection.
  2. Super Closing: How to complete the sale first with their subconscious mind.
  3. Magic Words that Ensure Clients say “Yes”.
  4. Reading Personalities in order to be in Rapport – Fast.
  5. Getting Appointments Quickly over the Telephone

I also deliver personal coaching when needed to help Accountants develop the quality and profitability of their practices quickly.


"Hi, I'm Dean Ackrill, based in Tamworth, a companycalled Philip Barnes & Co.

I'd like to thank Bernie De Souza for giving us some new techniques for winning clients.  As you can imagine, as an Accountant our skills in those areas aren't the best, so I thoroughly recommend Bernie to other Accountants who are keen to try and develop their client base." 

Dean Ackrill
Philip Barnes & Co

"Hi, John Moore here from Haines Watts Chartered Accountants.  I am an accountant who has been in business for 20 odd years.

When I first saw Bernie speak a few years ago I was absolutely amazed by what he was able to produce on stage.  That production has come in to the sales targets that I have had myself and, as a result of using his tips, I have seen my sales increase.  Along with that, a number of my colleagues have actually managed to get a lot more business as a result of listening to Bernie and taking on board the kind of things that he has suggested that we do.

All I can say about Bernie is that if you get a chance to work with him, work with him, and you won't be disappointed."

John Moore
Haines Watts Chartered Accountants

“Hi, I’m Andrew Logan from TaxAssist Accountants in Bedford.  I’ve just come out of an event with Bernie De Souza.  Great presenter – very useful tips and tricks, very useful techniques.  I thoroughly recommend it if you ever get chance to go to one of his presentations.  Thank you.”

Andrew Logan
TaxAssist Accountants

"Hi, I'm Lloyd Evans from TaxAssist Accountants.  I've just heard Bernie De Souza deliver an excellent presentation at a Business Development Day.  Really engaging - some really useful stuff to use in my business to help me and my business."

Lloyd Evans

"Hello, my name is Hays, I'm a Tax Accountant and I've just attended one of Bernie's sessions where I learned some very useful hints and tips about how to win new clients."

Hays Ash
W£althcare Investments Ltd

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“Bernie’s given a lot of energy to the team. He’s given them some techniques that they can take away and use straight away, and he even asks the difficult questions. Thanks Bernie. We’ll be seeing you again.”

-- David Perry