There are two types of Professionals:

  1. Those with low incomes, struggling to find new clients;
  2. Those with high incomes with automatic referrals and high-level engagement skills.

Hello, I’m Bernie De Souza, the UK’s #1 expert on automatic referrals and client engagement skills. Most financial advisors can quickly learn these two life-changing skills by either:

  1. Personal coaching.
  2. Attending a “live” workshop (a less expensive option).

Often in keynote speeches for clients, I ask the question, “Are you hoping for clients to find you?”

Unfortunately, that is the strategy of low-income Professionals. Clients are busy with their lives and seldom take the initiative to seek out a Professional who has the skills and services required.

I believe that even the newly qualified Professionals can be hugely successful by mastering a few basic skills such as:

1. Automatic referrals.
2. Telephone engagement skills.
3. Closing skills.
4. Presentations to the decision-making part of the brain.
5. Time management skills.

Problems such as, sales reluctance, fear of calling, and empty diaries automatically disappear with the above skills.

Whether you get personal coaching, attend a “live” workshop, or engage me for a keynote speech, you will always receive great break-thru step-by-step methods that you can use immediately.

If you are ready to move your business to a much higher level, contact me directly now at: +44 1926 800163.


I’ve worked with international sports teams, originally getting my inspiration 25 years ago from Olympians Linford Christie and Daley Thompson, and more recently sharing the stage with speakers like Robert Kiyoaski (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Australian best-selling body language author Alan Pease, and England coach Clive Woodward.

Who I am able to help, Professionals includes: 

  • Financial Services HR Directors, L&D departments
  • FS L&D departments
  • FS Sales Managers
  • FS Salespeople/advisors
  • IFA Professionals
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Tax Accounts
  • Vets
  • Doctors
  • IT Directors
  • Barristers
  • Web Design Companies
  • FX Professionals

Typical Workshops:

  1. How to Get more Clients without Selling or Rejection.
  2. Super Closing: How to complete the sale first with their subconscious mind.
  3. Magic Words that Ensure Clients say “Yes”.
  4. Reading Personalities in order to be in Rapport – Fast.
  5. Getting Appointments Quickly over the Telephone

I also deliver personal coaching when needed to help sales advisors develop the quality and profitability of their practices quickly.


“Hi, my name is Barry Allaway, as a Managing Director of an expanding, successful distribution business, turning over £10 million a year and responsible for over 50 staff, I need to have my finger on the pulse as the future of many people depends on me.  We employed the services of renowned Business Coach, Bernie De Souza.  He has helped the company profits, the team’s efficiency and the morale of all the staff.  I have also employed Bernie personally for one on one mentoring, so I can learn the leadership and management skills to help my own personal development.  We have seen an instant return on investment and the structure he has created for myself and the Senior Management Team and has given us the confidence to project a 32% increase in profit in the coming year, thanks to his knowledge of people, systems and business strategy.

I would recommend Bernie to any company who are not maximising their full potential, who need instant results and want more clients.  He has a track record to make a difference today.

My name is Barry Allaway, a Managing Director who uses the skills of a Business Coach for the company and my own personal development.”

Barry Allaway
Managing Director of WWMD

Hi, good afternoon, my name's Des Ponsonby.  I'm Managing Director of Corporate Solutions.  We are a logistics company based in Birmingham.

I met Bernie De Souza about 2 years ago.  I can guarantee that Bernie's techniques will help your company to acquire new clients.  They always work."

Des Posonby
Managing Director, Corporate Solutions

"Hi, my name's Douglas Cave.  We've just heard Bernie De Souza speak this evening to a veterinary crowd for West Midlands Vets Ltd, it was a really entertaining evening and it was a pretty difficult crowd.  To tell a bunch of professionals that they need to learn how to communicate better, when we probably already think we communicate well.

Particularly of interest to us was the Personality Profiling, actually figuring out that people are different and you need to use different words to speak to them.  It really went down well and I think we all learned a few words to make our job a little easier tomorrow.  Thank you."

Douglas Cave
West Midlands Vets Ltd

"Hi, I'm Simon.  I run a Chiropractor Clinic in Leamington.  It's been about a year since we've been working with Bernie.  During that time we've learnt how to make our business far more efficient and streamline, and really taken the stress off us.

We've taken our appointments and our recommendation appointments from 30 minutes down to 10, which means we're not running late as often as we were.  We've trained our staff how to make telephone calls properly so that they can follow up on patients and make sure our diary is fully booked.  We have been fully booked pretty much most of the time recently.  We now know how to recommend a patient properly, so when we advise people what treatment they need, we're just quiet and they go out and they buy. 

Simple little processes, like taking patients from our treatment room into reception personally, and making sure they fully understand everything we explained to them about what treatments they need, and they go off and they book at reception.  Most of them are pre-paying for treatment, which really helps our cash flow as a business. 

Overall, it has made the whole business process far more stress free for us.  We realise that we didn't have the training or the marketing and sales that we needed to be successful.  Being clinicians, that's just not part of our basic training, so it's been nice to learn from somebody who knows just how to sell and how to sell without seeming like selling.  It doesn't feel like selling at all, we just tell people what they need and just have a system in place to do it efficiently.  It's made our business work far more efficiently as a result.  We even did role play, video role play, of the Practitioners consulting with each other, to learn how to make conversation as streamline and efficient as possible using all the words that Bernie had taught us, so that we can get the message across to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Simon Garstin

"Hi, I'm Darran from Manor Vets in Birmingham.  I've seen Bernie De Souza speak once before and he talked about key words, which I've used and found very useful.

We got Bernie back today to speak to quite a number of our staff and we've had a good few hours, very enjoyable.  We've had some good feedback and we're looking forward to seeing Bernie again."

Darran Jennings
Manor Vets

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“The results [from Bernie] have been quite astounding - helping a number of people achieve their personal financial objectives for the year, and many of them are continuing the coaching program into the next year.”

-- Sean McKillop