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How To Take Control At Client Meetings

Everybody knows that client meetings are an important part of business. But how do you ensure that these meetings move you closer to your professional goals instead of wasting time with useless meetings? You need to take control. Taking control of a meeting doesn’t mean sticking slavishly to a pre-planned agenda. It means ensuring that your objectives are met efficiently and effectively. Here are three simple tips to help you take control of any meeting: 1. Know your purpose before starting the meeting. Set goals for your meeting. What do you want to... Read full article

How To Save Time By Getting Only Qualified Leads

There are two kinds of people in the world; those that believe the more leads you get the more clients you will get, and others who understand that the quality of the leads is just as important as the quantity. The risk of not qualifying prospects before you speak with them is that you’ll spend valuable time and resources following up on leads who are unlikely to be interested in your services. These resources could be better used by engaging qualified prospects, who are already interested in working with you. Fortunately, you can ask these three questions to... Read full article

How To Close A Deal Without Even Selling

Many people feel awkward or pushy when trying to close a deal, but some people know a secret trick to close easily without even selling. Closing deals is a big part of doing business, but no one likes to be “sold”. So how do you close without selling? The key is to put the needs of your client first! Here are some expert tips on how to close a deal WITHOUT triggering their sales alarm. 1. Take your time Don’t be in a rush. If you go right into a sales pitch when you first start talking to a prospective client, they’ll likely put up a... Read full article

How To Make Your Message Stand Out!

Everyone knows that to build a client base you first need people to engage with your message. Someone who fully understands your message will understand what you can do for them. I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, not all of your clients will be willing or able to listen to your message. Some won’t understand how you can help them. Others will be cautious, expecting you to deliver the same old sales pitch. The good news is, with these three simple tips you can ensure that potential clients fully understand what you have to... Read full article

Double Your Productivity With These 3 Simple Tips

Would it be ok if I took a moment to talk to you about productivity? Everybody knows that we need to work hard and focus to get new clients, but we also need to apply that same level of focus to providing great service for the clients we already have. By applying these three simple tips you’ll be able to provide more efficient service to your existing clients, and give yourself more time to focus on building your client base. 1. Plan your day The most important part of increasing your productivity is to properly plan your day. It’s easy to start... Read full article

Here’s How To Get People To Like And Trust You Instantly

  Most people are confident enough when talking to someone about a subject they know well, but some people are able to build rapport with their clients by talking about subjects which their clients care about - even if they’re not very knowledgeable about that subject themselves. The key to building rapport and trust with your clients (and potential clients) is to make sure they know that you’re there to help them - and not the other way around. Here’s a great technique you can use to win potential clients over in no time: Show genuine... Read full article

Expert Tips For Getting More Referrals From Current Clients

Everybody knows that referrals are one of the best ways to get new clients. If a client is satisfied enough with your service they they refer one of their colleagues or friends to you, they’ll have done most of the hard work for you.   Referrals can help you increase your client base more efficiently, leaving you more time to focus on providing great service to  your clients. Many professionals work almost exclusively on referrals, but some people worry that they’re bothering their existing clients by asking for new leads. The key is in the... Read full article

Why Saying, “Can I Help You?” Doesn't Increase Your Business

You know how when you enter a store, the first thing a shopkeeper asks you is, “Can I help you?” or, “Can i help you find what you are looking for?” How often do you reply with, “No, im just looking”? There are a few problems with asking, “Can I help you?”. Most people don’t pay attention to the fact it's a ‘closed question.’ A closed question is one that only needs a yes or a no response, and does not engage the other person in deeper conversation. This doesn’t help you start a conversation... Read full article

How To Get More Clients By Admitting You Don’t Know All The Answers

You know how most people get caught up worrying about looking like they know everything? Even if they don’t actually know everything or have all the answers? It’s called Imposter Syndrome. Some people have realised that, by admitting we don’t have all the information or all the answers, it gives us a vulnerability which helps people connect with us more. By being honest, people are more likely to trust you. There has never been a product in the history of man that has been perfect, nor a person in existence who knew everything. By admitting your... Read full article

3 Tips On How To Leave The Perfect Voicemail For Your Prospects

In my new book, we talk a lot about speaking to people over the phone. Many people ask me, do I leave a message on a prospect’s answering machine? The answer is YES. Most people forget that other people are busy, and instead of leaving a message they call over and over again. Your prospects may be away from their phone for any number of reasons. So it’s important that you’re prepared to leave a message when you encounter a voicemail box. Tip #1 Always let them know who you are, and include a contact phone number. Everybody knows that replaying... Read full article