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The chocolate mindset that professionals know.

We don’t have to depend on mental toughness to build a mindset for success. We have help. Here are some ways to get our brains to release endorphins, a “feel good” hormone: Exercise. Watching a good drama on television. Meditation. Dark chocolate. Now I don’t know about you, but it looks like I have a choice: Choice #1: Exercise. Choice #2: Dark chocolate.​ So, the next time you see me eating dark chocolate (and that should be often), remember that I am only doing it to enhance my positive mindset. Words we can change to... Read full article

How do we handle objections?

In the beginning, we get lots of objections. They are reactions to what we say and do. After learning a few basic skills, most of these objections go away. When people are sceptical about this, I give them an example. Let's say that we constantly get the “Too expensive fees” objection. Are we causing that? Well, we don't see people walking down the street, then suddenly throwing their arms up in the air saying, "It is too expensive!" So yes, objections arise as a result of what we say and what we do. But what should we do in the... Read full article

When we can't control our options.

​ Life isn’t fair. Bad things happen. Many times, our choices are limited. Sound familiar? While we can’t control the options we have, we can control which option we choose. This should make us feel better when we’re faced with challenges. Tiny question example. Q. "Do you find saving money from our salaries difficult? Would it be okay if we did something to make this easier?" The first sentence identifies the problem. The second sentence asks our prospects if they want to fix the problem or not. If our prospects want to... Read full article

Which words work better?

Can you ...?  Would it be okay if ...? (Better)   I would like to give you a presentation. Would you like at least one more option? (Better)   Well, what do you want to do? What would be easier for you? (Better)   Let me tell you ... Well, you know how ... (Better)   Maybe it isn’t our offer. Maybe it is how we offer it. Choosing better words will make our offers more attractive to our prospects. When frustration is good. If we wanted one quality to look for when prospecting, how about... Read full article

This quote isn't true.

​ We have probably all heard someone say, “We rise to the occasion.” What does this mean? I guess it means, “We instantly acquire new skills because we are motivated.” Uh, that’s not really true. Instead, maybe we should re-word this old saying to: “We rise to our level of skills.” Here is an example. The lion tamer at the circus gets food poisoning. We get named as the replacement. This is our big chance to perform. We are motivated. We are excited. We will “rise to the occasion” and become ...... Read full article

Agree and close.

​ Step #1: Agree with prospects that they have a problem. Step #2: Ask them about their current plans to fix their problem. Step #3: Watch them squirm and make excuses and realize they have no solution. Step #4: Ask the prospects if they would like us to share a solution with them. Step #5. Watch our business grow fast. Notice that we didn't show them a PowerPoint presentation or a company video. Instead, we got our prospects to make a "yes" decision to solve their problem. That is where the real decision is made. Our presentations come... Read full article

It is impossible to underestimate how little prospects care.

Prospects are selfish. It is a human trait. So, when we talk to prospects, what should we talk about? Here are our choices. #1. Talk about us and the stuff we offer, while the prospect is not listening or caring. #2. Talk about the prospect and the prospects’ problems. Well ... What would we choose? Most amateur Business owners will go with choice #1. They talk about how great they are, how they branded themselves, show company videos, talk about systems and put their prospect to sleep with PowerPoint slides. Professional Business owners go with... Read full article

How good is our answer?

Prospect: "So what do you do for a living?" Business owner: "I am in the global search for entrepreneurial talent, for time freedom and money freedom, whereby people can accumulate wealth through multiple streams of residual income with International benefits ..." Prospect: "It's okay to just say that you don’t know.” Some examples for different Professions Prospect: "So what do you do for a living?" Accountant: We take the stress out of submitting your tax returns. Lawyer: We help you avoid expensive... Read full article

Take Action!

​ Last night I went for a walk. 15 minutes from my house, it began to rain. I had two choices. #1. Run to my house. Of course, that would be risky as I am out of shape, could be messy. #2. Walk back to my house. But then I would be soaked from the rain, and that wouldn’t be healthy either. While I was standing in the rain thinking about which choice made more sense, it occurred to me that people spend far too much time thinking and not enough time taking action. I had a flashback to 25 years ago. A guy named Barry and I started to talk about writing... Read full article

Why people Quit, Quitting is a human thing?

​ Quitting is a human thing. We quit diets, quit jobs, quit eating, quit watching television at night, and well, quitting is normal and many times good for us. If we feel like quitting because we can’t build a business or productive team, consider these two solutions first. Solution #1. Talk to hundreds or thousands of prospects. Hope to find the rare individuals who aren't quitters, who are totally self-motivated, and will ignore our feeble sales pitch. Solution #2. Learn to use better words and phrases so we don't talk prospects out of using our... Read full article