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How to pre-sell our ideas and make our life easier

​ A great question to pre-sell prospects. "Do you think continuing with the same problem and pain is OK or do you think it’s time to address this? Most prospects will immediately attach themselves to wanting to solve the problem. Continuing to struggle with XYZ doesn’t sound as appealing. Want to make presentations a lot easier? Ask this question early in our conversations with prospects: "So why did you decide to look at over coming this problem?" Then let our prospects "sell themselves" on the advantages of... Read full article

Why do some people struggle in Business while others are smashing it?

Question: "I have my vision board, but my business still isn’t working. Why?" Answer: "If we have our 'WHY until we cry,' what do we have? We have a reason to do the business, but we still don’t know HOW to do the business. Having a good WHY still gets nothing done." Question: "I have the perfect system. Others have proved it works. But why is my business still not working?" Answer: "We all know WHAT to do, but that still doesn’t mean we know HOW to do it. Can we write down word-for-word our first 5... Read full article

How can we get others to join our team or business.

​ "Can I see myself doing your business?" Prospects won’t join if they can’t see themselves successfully talking to others. All business requires communication, people to speak at some point to someone else. The solution? In our presentations, and training include stories of how other new Advisors/Managers talked to their friends successfully. Maybe one of their friends said, "Of course. That just makes sense." Our prospects will relate to these stories and then have confidence they can move forward with us and... Read full article

The Six words we want to hear ….

Six words. Call customer service. What are six words we would like to hear? "Okay, let’s get this problem fixed." When we talk with prospects, we should be looking for a problem that our products, services, or opportunity can fix. Then, it is easy to say to our prospect: "Okay, let’s get this problem fixed." Done. No more closing needed. Five words. If we start with the words: "Let me tell you about ..." This won't end well. This means we are talking about us and what we offer, and not about our... Read full article

What investment helps your business the most?

​ Dress for success? Here is a quote by Mark Twain: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” So, what is more important? “How you look” or “What you say” when you meet a prospect? “How you look” creates that first impression. We all want to make a good first impression to increase our odds of success. However, after that first impression is over with (in a second), we have to open our mouths and talk. And if we don’t know what to say, we have no chance. It will... Read full article

What are our prospects thinking?

What are our prospects thinking? "Who are you?" "Should I listen to you?" "Why should I believe you?" "Can I trust what you say?" These are the first four things prospects think. Did we notice that what we offer hasn’t even made their top four questions? That is why we should not start too soon with our product and opportunity information dump. We want to answer these questions in our prospects’ minds first. How to give prospects good choices. First, limit the choices. Humans prefer limited... Read full article

I get asked this question a lot!

Many people ask, "What should I put on my About Page? I have an About Page for Facebook, LinkedIn, etc." Depending on the platform, there are more advanced strategies. But for now, here is an easy one to get us started. Why do people come to our About Page? Well, if we are in business, they come to see if we can help them with their business. An easy statement to include in our About Page is, "I help people to."​ Some examples? "I help people to ..." get more clients for their business." "I help people to ..." get... Read full article

"Will I learn something new today, or will I stay where I am?"

A great question to start our mornings. "Will I learn something new today, or will I stay where I am?" Harsh. I have a habit that makes that decision automatically. The first thing I do every day is ... read something new. I like books. I can discover in a few pages something that may have taken someone ten years to learn. For others, they may prefer to learn by audio. Personal choice. I read faster than I listen, so I like to save time by reading. Making this decision first thing every morning means over time, we grow. What are our prospects... Read full article

How many quality referrals did you get last week?

Quick questions. Which is more powerful? 1.     A Facebook ad to strangers? 2.     A quality referral from someone we helped? The answer is obvious. A quality, pre-sold referral is a great prospect. Cold leads treated like sheep, pushed into funnels, sorted and sold to ... seem like a waste of time in comparison. Building relationships with a few people and investing time in their development feels like a better business model. Internet marketing is so different.   The normal approach is to make each... Read full article

Here is all you have to know about the coronavirus lockdown.

When you wanted to meet someone who didn't live close to your house, what did you do? We picked up the telephone or sent them a message. Now with the coronavirus, nothing has changed. Can we use the coronavirus as an excuse not to contact people? Oh wait!  Some things did change.      #1. More people are at home, so they are easier to get in touch with.     #2. Fewer people can use the excuse they don't have any time.     #3. Lets Look at what problems our clients or... Read full article