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More Sales Through Added Value

Is 'Offering Added Value' just a Bunch of Words?   Businesses talk about giving added value. Some even achieve this massive profit catalyst, but what is added value in real terms and how do you deliver it?   Added Value: What is “Value added “ ? A totally unexpected additional benefit that transforms the feelings of the buyer. (Who will now want to do business with you again).   It just needs to be these three things:   1 - Genuine. As opposed to a gimmick or bribe. 2 - Individual. Something that is done in... Read full article

There are two types of people to train for your team.

    1. Those that know how to do it (have the skills) but have no motivation. They are comfortable where they are. Our challenge is to motivate them to action. That is really, really difficult. 2. Those that do not have the skills, but are highly motivated. We have to teach them the skills of your business. That is a lot easier. See a plan? Find highly-motivated people, and then teach them the skills. They will continue to work, and we won't be frustrated.   Smile!   This is a universal body language signal that tells... Read full article

Meeting People for Results, not Just for Coffee

  9 out of 10 acquaintances agree that …   "We must get together over a coffee soon"   MEANS   "We're never going to have coffee. We're just being polite to make this interaction less awkward.”   However, if you are on the receiving end of this text, it can be a problem.   Are there people you want to see, and you get the cold shoulder text?   Find a reason why the prospect will want to see you.   What is their biggest problem?   I help... Read full article

Questions are the answers, what questions do you ask?

  It's estimated that over 5 million electric drills were sold last year.  The people that bought the drills didn't really want a drill. What they wanted was a hole. Questions are like drills. Answers are like holes. One of the differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people ask better questions and therefore get better results. But it’s not only the questions that you ask which shape your destiny, it's the questions that you don't ask of yourself and others. Kids ask endless questions to... Read full article

These 2 points will make the difference - I wish I knew earlier

In an interview with the magazine Vanity Fair, David Bowie cited one of his favourite quotes - "Most people die when they're 25 but don't get buried until they're 75", Benjamin Franklin - when explaining why everything you do that isn't you is a mistake. When asked his definition of misery, Bowie replied, "Living in fear of expressing myself and doing what I was born to do, which like all other human beings is to be creative and to create." Bowie did things which didn't necessarily add years to his life, but which did... Read full article

How do you avoid negative people and negative conversations?

Whilst speaking at a conference in Melbourne 2 weeks ago, I got chatting to an old retired farmer named Bill who told me, "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”  Now this odd statement whilst I was in line to get a coffee before the conference made me think. I added this point making it a short story in the keynote which was well received Stories sell, facts tell. Stories are very important to make a point more interesting. Do you know people who like to argue? Find fault with things? Never happy? So do not give them the... Read full article

More Rejection and Why

The Professional: "But I invited 100 people I know and only one person wanted to come to a presentation. I hate all this rejection!" Hmm. Think about this. Three possible problems here. Problem #1: If you are saying the wrong words on the phone, prospects are not rejecting the opportunity, since they don't even know what the opportunity is yet. The prospects are rejecting the words you use to make the invitation. Solution? Learn new trained words and better telephone techniques to invite. Problem #2: The prospects are rejecting... Read full article

Are you talking at only Level 6 to your prospects?

Discover: “The Six Levels of Communication”. For this one minute video on the 6 levels of communication, click here:  Don’t sell features. Don’t sell benefits. Instead, base your sales presentation on your prospect’s most pressing problem.  Then you’ll have your prospect’s attention. You will probably have an idea of the problem. So, if you ask your prospect using these 3 magic words, they will definitely feel more comfortable about giving you... Read full article

"How Do I Handle Objections?"

How do I handle objections? What do I say when they want to think it over? Is there anything I can say if they don't believe me? Why are they sceptical? What can I say if they don't have any money? And the answer is: "Nothing." Have you ever won a political argument? Of course not. People's minds are already made up. It is the same with objections. You would need a really high level of skill to turn these objections around, and most professionals don't have this level of skill. But this isn't the problem. The... Read full article

There Are Two Types of Prospects – How Can You Tell the Difference?

Type 1: Those that look for reasons why something will work. Type 2: Those that look for reasons why something won't work. This is a great thing to say before you give a presentation. Your prospects will then want to look for reasons why your business will work for them. Ever since I decided to only coach or speak for organisations that were serious about putting into action the skills I teach, the results and referrals have been flooding in. We cannot help lazy people if we are in the coaching or advising business. So be... Read full article