Business Development

How To Ask For Referrals From Friends And Colleagues

1005 Words Reading Time: 2 minutes, 15 seconds Hi,  Bernie De Souza here with some good news for you today. Everyone’s got a story A friend of mine recently told me of an experience he had while on holiday. He and his wife were traveling by train, and as they settled into their seats they looked around at the other  passengers.  They observed a young woman in her twenties looking excitedly out of the opposite train window. The young woman laughed loudly as they passed a farm and said to the man sitting across from her,... Read full article

How To Get Your Clients To Take Action!

769 Words Reading Time: 1 minutes, 42 seconds Hi, Bernie De Souza here with some good news for you today.. Did you know...According to scientists, the bumblebee's body is too heavy and its wing span too  small for it to be able to fly.  Aerodynamically, the bumblebee cannot fly. But the bumblebee doesn't know that, and keeps  flying. Sometimes we let our own limitations hold us back from “flying” to new opportunities, but the  only limitations a person has are those that are self­imposed.  The bumblebee is... Read full article

How To Find Qualified Prospects That Are Right For Your Business

766 Words Reading Time: 1 minute, 9 seconds Hi, Bernie De Souza here with some good news for you today.  Never forget how valuable you are. A successful motivational speaker started his seminar by holding up a £20 bill.  He asked the audience, "Who would like this £20 bill?"  Hands went up immediately. He said, "I’m going to give this £20 to one of you but first, watch this."  He proceeded to crumple up the bill. He then asked, "Who still wants it?" A few hands went down but... Read full article

How To Remove The Fear Of The Phone And Accelerate Your Business

How To Remove The Fear Of The Phone And Accelerate Your Business. These days most people seem to be afraid of the phone. Perhaps it’s the fear of being rejected,  or being put “on the spot” to perform live. Regardless, while communication mediums like email  are extremely effective, the phone is still one of the most powerful tools to connect with your  audience effectively.  Over my years of teaching clients how to increase their profits and get more clients quickly and  easily, I’ve found there are 6 levels of... Read full article

Speaking Your Client's Secret Language

Here’s How To Connect With And Influence People Instantly. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to say to get people to listen to you, connect with  you and do what you wanted them to do? When I first started out in business, I was struggling to understand how people thought, and  how to influence them.  I was confused, because everyone I met approached business completely differently! Some  people wanted to be friendly and chat before talking about business, while other people wanted  to go straight in to it... Read full article

How To Turn Networking Events Into Profits

How To Turn Networking Events Into Profits. I’ve been helping people master networking techniques for years, and I teach my clients  powerful techniques for making an impact, building rapport and creating profitable connections  at networking opportunities .  One of those techniques is this 3­step process to get new contacts interested instantly, and  begging for more information.  We’ve all been to networking events or breakfast meetings where you need to quickly describe  what you do, and how you can help the... Read full article

Get More Clients In 1 Minute Or Less

How To Get More Clients Without Selling In Only 60 Seconds Many times, at breakfast meetings or networking events you’ll be asked to give a 1­minute  presentation of your business and services.  This can be scary since there’s a lot of pressure to perform and convince people they need your  services in such a short amount of time!  But some people have found a way to use short stories to stimulate interest and build trust in  only 60 seconds.  So let’s talk about what’s involved in this 60­second... Read full article

Teach Yourself To Be Creative

Getting Your Mind Right for Creativity It’s a common myth amongst professionals that creative people are born and not made and that you have to have a special gift in order to be truly creative.  If you hold on to this idea, then of course you’ll never experience your natural creativity, but if you’d like your creativity to seep through there are some simple things you could do.  One physiologist suggested that placing your tongue behind your top row of teeth (a bit like dental acupuncture) stimulates the brain.  Equally, there are... Read full article

Taking Action - what stops us getting things done

Taking Action - what stops us getting things done. Some professionals call it displacement activity.  When we’re faced with an unenviable task that we know needs to be completed, curiously other tasks suddenly seem to become more important.  Indeed, we can feel compelled to do these other things first and leave the important task for another day, after all, “Dealing with these other things means I’m still taking action, right?”   There’s a saying: “The quality of your actions determine who you truly are”.... Read full article

Creating Loyal Clients Through Trust and Rapport

Trust, Rapport and Creating Loyal Clients The words ‘trust’ and ‘rapport’ seem to be in common parlance within professional services businesses as if they are automatic givens, like ‘email’ and ‘smart phone’, yet only the shrewd and knowledgeable businesses truly understand the significance of these two key words to growing a sizeable quality client base.  Going back in time, rapport was not a common feature of the advisor-client relationship. If you consider medicine for example, rapport was often deliberately missed... Read full article