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Can we control others?

​ No.  But we can control our actions. This is why setting goals can be discouraging. We might be measuring our success by the actions of others. Here is a better way to set our goals. Set goals on our efforts, not on the outcome, because the outcome depends too much on other people’s lives. For example, instead of having a goal of Closing a big deal every week, we can set a goal of talking to seven people each week. That is within our control. And yes, goal-setting season is approaching. We can start practicing now. Making our one... Read full article

The Tangerine way to do business… are you using the easier way?

In today’s world, we have to make doing business easy and user friendly for all.   Many years ago, we would take all day preparing for an evening meal, and would take 3 hours with the family enjoying the experience.   Now we hear the ping of the microwave 60 seconds from when we arrive in the house and we all scoff it down as a family in minutes, the winner is the microwave and instant food!   So how do we do business the tangerine way?   It is the secret key to winning more business at higher prices and less rejection... Read full article

Why your clients do business with you

Tip #1: Why your clients do business with you. Our clients really don't know how to evaluate our expertise. Many times, they don't even know the right questions to ask us to fix their problems. So how do they choose between competitors? Trust. It is not our presentation, our quality, or facts and proof. It is trust. So if you want to win more clients, concentrate on building trust quickly.  Forget the fancy presentation. That is AFTER your client has made a decision to trust you or not. Tip #2: "If you are going to be stupid, you got... Read full article

Have you got these 4 keys skills to get more clients?

​ Hi, Bernie De Souza here, There are four steps to successful parachuting. #1. Put on parachute. #2. Get into airplane. #3. Jump out of airplane. #4. Open parachute. If we get these steps out of order, we die. It is the same in business. When we meet a prospect, we must go through four steps. These four steps are called the "four core skills." Out of the 15 skills I teach, these four core skills are the ones we will use every time we meet a prospect. These are the first skills we want to master. Now, everyone reading this should already... Read full article

How we lose our prospects at … “Hello.”

​ You already know this: * Prospects don’t pay attention to us. * Prospects don’t listen to us. * Prospects desperately want to do anything but hear us out. We are dead, unless we … Grab and hold their attention! How? Here are a few of the many ways: * Use controversy. * The trap. * The challenge. * Curiosity dread. * Imagine the future. * Choosing. * Future feelings. * Mind-reading. * Making the present risky. We can get our prospects to sit on the edge of their seats, waiting anxiously for our next words. And we can do... Read full article

Selling future benefits is hard

Selling future benefits is hard. No one wants to buy life insurance. No one wants to exercise for months to get fit. Humans worry about now. Tomorrow? Ah, let’s not worry about that now. What can we say to change this? How do we get our prospects to think about the future? Let’s try some better messages now. Health: "Getting older? Yes, it is coming. And there will be a huge gap between the people with great health, enjoying their lives ... and those trapped in the medical system of doctor appointments, paperwork, and frustration." Saving for... Read full article

A quick rule that saves valuable.

​ A quick rule. Selling is locating somebody who wants our product or service, and then making it easy for them to buy. Could that mean making our presentation short instead of long? If we can’t explain how our product or service solves a problem for our prospects in two or three sentences, hmmm. This could be our problem. Prospects don’t want to wait around while we try to be clear and explain all the details. They want the bottom line now.   Burn? There is an old motivational saying in marketing: "If we are on fire, some... Read full article

Learning by trial-and-error isn’t ideal.

​ Learning by trial-and-error isn’t ideal. But the good news is we remember better when we make the mistakes ourselves. 😊 The bad news is very bad though. The price of learning by experience is high. Since this trial-and-error approach takes a long time, we miss out on months or years of fees we could have earned if we knew what to do. Missing out on all those fees is expensive. It gets worse. We pay the full cost of learning first, before we get our fees. We have a choice. Instead of learning by trial-and-error, we can learn from others. For... Read full article

Softer prospecting skills to get more clients

​ Try these prospecting questions. "Do you like weekends? Want them to be longer?" "Do you feel underpaid?" "Notice how prices keep going up, but our pay doesn’t don’t?" "Want a more exciting career?" "Wouldn’t it be fun if we could do the bits we like at work and not the rest?" "Want a more choice in retirement?" "Want a more option on future holidays?” Listen to the answers, and simply take the volunteers. Presentation tip. Prospects want short presentations.... Read full article

How to build the trust?

Building trust. Prospects don't say it, but they think, "I don't believe you." If our prospects don’t trust us, they won't buy or join. But how do we build this trust? One way is with facts. If we can tell our prospects one fact that they believe and we believe, what do they think? They think, "You and I think the same way. We see the world from the same viewpoint." Starting out with disagreement is not a good plan. Here is an example of the difference between these two approaches. Professional:  Example A... Read full article