Why your clients do business with you

Tip #1: Why your clients do business with you.

Our clients really don't know how to evaluate our expertise. Many times, they don't even know the right questions to ask us to fix their problems.

So how do they choose between competitors?


It is not our presentation, our quality, or facts and proof. It is trust.

So if you want to win more clients, concentrate on building trust quickly.

 Forget the fancy presentation. That is AFTER your client has made a decision to trust you or not.

Tip #2: "If you are going to be stupid, you got to be tough."

 That is a famous quote from marketing expert, Gary Halbert. He preached that if we continue using the same marketing ideas and advertising we are using now, well, our results will be the same.

 And, it would be stupid for a great plumber to expect to be a good advertising copywriter. Just as it would be stupid for a great advertising copywriter to try to be a good plumber. Different skills.

 But think about plumbing.

If you have a water leak, you want to fix it right.

 And if your advertising isn't getting you all the prospects you need, you will want to fix that right also. Fix it one time, and then get on with your business.

 So look at your advertising right now. If it is not bringing you all the new prospects you need, don't be stupid like Gary Halbert says. Change your advertising, make it big, so it pays off big.

 It is okay to crush your competition with great advertising :)



Due to increased competition, cost escalation and our keen desire to stay in Business, management has deemed necessary a change to your terms of employment.

It will now be compulsory to do something called work in between tea breaks, coffee breaks, smoking breaks, lunch breaks, toilet breaks etc...

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