Can we control others?


But we can control our actions.

This is why setting goals can be discouraging. We might be measuring our success by the actions of others.

Here is a better way to set our goals.

Set goals on our efforts, not on the outcome, because the outcome depends too much on other people’s lives.

For example, instead of having a goal of Closing a big deal every week, we can set a goal of talking to seven people each week. That is within our control.

And yes, goal-setting season is approaching. We can start practicing now.

Making our one sentence count.

Facts, videos, brochures, and slides activate the analytical part of our prospects’ brains. And once there, our message is doomed to obscurity.

But say a good "sound bite" or emotional sentence, and our prospects mentally engage with our message. Some examples:

" We do not want to rely on the Government State Pension”
"We don’t want to be paying higher taxes than our friends."
"Dying early is inconvenient."
"Earn money while we sleep."
"Be able to afford a trip to Disney World instead of just showing your kids pictures."
"With work life balance Three-day weekends for life!"

A story is worth a hundred facts.

People remember stories, and they forget our facts. If we want our message to be heard and remembered, let’s wrap our message in stories.

Story’s sell facts tell.

Want to know the 5 points on how to tell a storey?

Click here to watch this micro video on how to tell a story


Given that I don't do political correctness and have an innate tan ..... 

A recent survey in the United Kingdom asked the following question:

Are there too many foreigners in this country now?


18% said YES

82% said صعـق قه ه ٸ ٽﰊ ﯘﲲ ﴍ

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!







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