A quick rule that saves valuable.

A quick rule.

Selling is locating somebody who wants our product or service, and then making it easy for them to buy.

Could that mean making our presentation short instead of long?

If we can’t explain how our product or service solves a problem for our prospects in two or three sentences, hmmm. This could be our problem.

Prospects don’t want to wait around while we try to be clear and explain all the details. They want the bottom line now.



There is an old motivational saying in marketing:

"If we are on fire, some people will come just to see us burn."

Might be true. But we can make this better by having something good to say while we’re burning.

Making our message short is an art form. Here is a telephone skill product that helps  people fill their dairy’s here are 3 sound bite examples:

Filling your diary programme

Never cold call again.

A cost free alternative to buying leads

That is less than five seconds. Our prospects can make a decision now, and get more details later.

Can we make our marketing and sales messages like this?

To find out more about this product then click here



-What do you call a bulletproof Irish man?

Rick O’Shea

-Talk is cheap unless you hire a lawyer.

-Meanwhile at the bar at the Xmas office party…

Man: Will you kiss me under the mistletoe?

Woman: I wouldn’t even kiss you under general anaesthetic.












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