How we lose our prospects at … “Hello.”

You already know this:

* Prospects don’t pay attention to us.
* Prospects don’t listen to us.
* Prospects desperately want to do anything but hear us out.

We are dead, unless we …

Grab and hold their attention!

How? Here are a few of the many ways:

* Use controversy.
* The trap.
* The challenge.
* Curiosity dread.
* Imagine the future.
* Choosing.
* Future feelings.
* Mind-reading.
* Making the present risky.

We can get our prospects to sit on the edge of their seats, waiting anxiously for our next words. And we can do this with just … words!

Here is the challenge.

1. We can talk to 20 people, and hope 1 or 2 people will pay attention, or -
2. We can talk to 20 people and have them all listen to our every word.

Sceptical? Try this. Say to your prospect:

"Do you ever have the feeling that something isn’t quite right?"

And from that moment on, we have their attention. Too much fun.

A great opening sentence as they are thinking “What isn’t quite right” and their desire to know will help the process.


My doctor was quite a large man. He looked like the only thing he'd ever cured was pork.

I met an estate agent who didn't know the abbreviation for 'apartment'. I thought, "that's apt".

My dad suggested that I register for a donor card. He's a man after my own heart.

Have a great week






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