Selling future benefits is hard

Selling future benefits is hard. No one wants to buy life insurance. No one wants to exercise for months to get fit. Humans worry about now. Tomorrow? Ah, let’s not worry about that now.

What can we say to change this? How do we get our prospects to think about the future? Let’s try some better messages now.

Health: "Getting older? Yes, it is coming. And there will be a huge gap between the people with great health, enjoying their lives ... and those trapped in the medical system of doctor appointments, paperwork, and frustration."

Saving for retirement: "With our current jobs, it is already too late to save enough for our retirement. We missed our chance by not saving 20% of our salaries when we were 25 years old. That means we either work the rest of our lives until we die ... or, start a small part-time business now, so we will have plenty of money when we want to retire."

It is fun to get prospects to think of the future, but also to act on the future. We just have to give our prospects a better message.

The flow of prospecting and sales presentations.

1. Rapport. We should look at getting some common ground, a fact that the prospect agrees with, so they feel you both think the same and have the same views.

2. Be interesting – what are people interested in? Your company’s features and benefits? or their problems? Use soft advance questioning skills and listen.

3. Not sure if the prospect is serious watch this short video to find out if they are 4 words to identify if a client is serious

4. Close. Remember, this happens before the presentation. We are closing our prospects on wanting to do our business or using our products and services. The explanation and details come after they make their decisions. 

The best place to start? Improve our rapport. Then everything else will go smoothly. 


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