Speaking Your Client's Secret Language

Here’s How To Connect With And Influence People Instantly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to say to get people to listen to you, connect with 
you and do what you wanted them to do?

When I first started out in business, I was struggling to understand how people thought, and 
how to influence them. 

I was confused, because everyone I met approached business completely differently! Some 
people wanted to be friendly and chat before talking about business, while other people wanted 
to go straight in to it without any niceties. 

I didn’t have a system for being able to build trust and rapport with these different type of 
people. I just couldn't make the connection. 

One of my mentors taught me that there are really only 4 different types of people, and if you 
can learn the magic words to say to each personality type, you can connect with and influence 
almost anyone. 

Once I learned how to identify and communicate with each of the 4 personality types, I was able 
to connect and build rapport with people instantly. 

So how did these magic words help me close almost every piece of business, and win every 

Simple ­ I stopped selling my services, and just had a nice chat in their preferred language. 

I discovered that there’s a 3 step secret to make you popular and influential with almost anyone. 

Here it is:

Step 1 ­ Find out how others view you. 

People look at you differently than you might see yourself. Once you understand how they view 
you, then you can adjust your manner and speech to fit their preferred language. 

Step 2 ­ Find out how the other person is motivated and makes decisions. 

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds! 
Here’s where the 4 personality types ­ or “personality colours” ­ comes in to play.


Red personalities are your managers, politicians and directors. These are the people that are 
outgoing and are task­oriented. Winning and success are extremely important to them. 

While they’re not great listeners (because, of course, they already know all the answers!) they 
know how to get things done. Remember, when speaking to a Red ­ focus on the bottom line. 


Blue personalities are all about one thing ­ fun! 
They love people, parties and adventures. To a Blue there are no strangers in the world, just 
friends that you haven’t met yet. 

While they’re not the greatest at following rules or following up (because they’re too busy 
meeting new people!), they’ll make sure that everyone is included, active, and having a great 


Yellow personalities are the healers, nurturers and helpers. They love to LOVE! 
These people put friendliness, honesty and integrity above all else ­ including their own 

While they’re not always great at making the hard decisions (because they don’t like conflict) 
they lead by fully supporting their team. 


Green personalities are calculated and strategic workers. They are your scientists, engineers 
and life­long students. Above all else, Greens love information and facts. 

Sometimes they have a hard time connecting with people right away, since they want all the 
information to be accurate before forming an opinion, and prioritize integrity and trustworthiness, 
which takes time to build. They’re always motivated to seek out more information before taking 

Once you learn to quickly analyze each new person by understanding their personality colour, 
you can learn exactly how to reach these people. 

Step 3 ­ Learn exactly what to say to each of the 4 personality types and speak their 

There are magic words you can learn which will help you connect with and influence each of the 
individual personality types almost instantly. 

I can teach you these magic words so that everything you say goes directly to their minds, and 
their hearts. 

Most people go through life wondering why people don’t listen to them, and why they can’t get 
people to do what they want them to do ­ but some people have learned the right things to say 
in order to close business deals, and influence others no matter what type of personality they 

I can show you word for word how to influence others and get them to like you, trust you, and 
connect with you.

Want to learn how to quickly identify each personality colour, as well as how to speak their 
language? Click here to learn more.




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