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You had me at hello......

Have you seen the film Jerry Maguire? the famous line where Tom Cruise comes to Renee Zellweger's house while she's with a group of friends and launches into a long speech about why he wants to be with her. When Cruise is in full flow she says "Shut up. You had me at hello." (2 min video clip) Research shows that people make judgements within the first 8 to 15 seconds of meeting someone. We humans form opinions just as quickly using a part of our brain called the adaptive unconscious which processes large amounts of data very quickly, warns us of... Read full article

Making Active Listening Really Work

Many financial advisers have read about the value of active listening, yet do they then automatically do it? In my opinion they don’t, for 3 reasons: 1 - It doesn’t sound like a life changing habit 2 - There are too many rules and suggestions offered 3 - We don't always remember to do it Here’s what Active Listening could bring you… Chances to create better client relationships More respect from the people you meet Greater Professionalism More personal introductions Ability to identify more client needs Three Ways... Read full article

Great Question Tips

'Using an Adapting Question' When professionals ask questions, particularly in sales, you would expect them to know how to word questions for maximum sales advantage. However, this is hardly ever the case. What's more likely is that they simply ask the first question that pops in their head... which is a great shame because they're failing to be effective. One type of question that's often overlooked is the Adapting Question. When you realise what this is and how easy it is to use one, you may well wonder why you've not picked up on this... Read full article

Great Question Tips - Using a Rhetorical Question

A very safe way to ask a question is to make it more like a statement. In other words, a Rhetorical Question. In sales, you would generally not want to ask a rhetorical question because it doesn't demand any answer. For example in a store: "I'm never sure why these cameras are so popular and I often wonder if it's because of the price tag?" Here the sales person is saying two things: 1 - this is a popular product 2 - it isn't expensive However, the difference is that the sales person is not officially telling the prospect... Read full article

Elon Musk's Rules for Success

In the last newsletter we promised you access to the secret 10 rules of success that Elon Musk believes in. You may have read successful entrepreneur Elon Musk's 10 Rules for Success before. However, which ones are particularly related to getting new clients and sales? No surprise that they all do. 1. Never Give Up The most successful sales people keep improving and keep going forward until they make it. 2. Really Like What You Do If you like your product and love your market you will always be more successful 3. Don't listen to the... Read full article

Most successful people do this, do you?

The New York Times recently called Elon Musk "arguably the most successful and important entrepreneur in the world." It's an easy case to make: He's probably the only person who has started four billion-dollar companies - PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City.  Musk says, "I know sometimes I'll lose. You don't hear about my failures, because I know when to quit. I'm good at quitting. Sure it’s important to be persistent and continually innovate, but you also have to know when you're beaten." It reminds me of being... Read full article

More Sales Through Added Value

Is 'Offering Added Value' just a Bunch of Words?   Businesses talk about giving added value. Some even achieve this massive profit catalyst, but what is added value in real terms and how do you deliver it?   Added Value: What is “Value added “ ? A totally unexpected additional benefit that transforms the feelings of the buyer. (Who will now want to do business with you again).   It just needs to be these three things:   1 - Genuine. As opposed to a gimmick or bribe. 2 - Individual. Something that is done in... Read full article

There are two types of people to train for your team.

    1. Those that know how to do it (have the skills) but have no motivation. They are comfortable where they are. Our challenge is to motivate them to action. That is really, really difficult. 2. Those that do not have the skills, but are highly motivated. We have to teach them the skills of your business. That is a lot easier. See a plan? Find highly-motivated people, and then teach them the skills. They will continue to work, and we won't be frustrated.   Smile!   This is a universal body language signal that tells... Read full article

Meeting People for Results, not Just for Coffee

  9 out of 10 acquaintances agree that …   "We must get together over a coffee soon"   MEANS   "We're never going to have coffee. We're just being polite to make this interaction less awkward.”   However, if you are on the receiving end of this text, it can be a problem.   Are there people you want to see, and you get the cold shoulder text?   Find a reason why the prospect will want to see you.   What is their biggest problem?   I help... Read full article

Questions are the answers, what questions do you ask?

  It's estimated that over 5 million electric drills were sold last year.  The people that bought the drills didn't really want a drill. What they wanted was a hole. Questions are like drills. Answers are like holes. One of the differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people ask better questions and therefore get better results. But it’s not only the questions that you ask which shape your destiny, it's the questions that you don't ask of yourself and others. Kids ask endless questions to... Read full article