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It is impossible to underestimate how little prospects care.

​ Prospects are selfish. It is a human trait. They care about themselves. They don’t care about us. They care even less about we want to show them. So when we talk to prospects, what should we talk about? Here are our choices. #1. Talk about us and the stuff we offer, while the prospect is not listening or caring. #2. Talk about the prospect and the prospects’ problems. Well ... What would we choose? Most amateurs will go with choice #1. They talk about how great they are, how they branded themselves, show company videos, talk... Read full article

Imagine our prospect gets angry …

​ Imagine our prospect gets angry and threatens us. Q. What should we do? A. We should stop imagining! How many times do we not approach a great prospect because of our imagination? And guess what? We are in charge of our imagination. We create it. Sometimes it is not the outside influences that hold us back. Sometimes it is us. Good news. We can change. This is in our power. Practice these 3 words daily. "I’m just curious." Can questions offend or scare prospects? Yes. Worse yet, we fear asking questions from strangers. By... Read full article

Why I don’t speak Chinese. Proof

Over the last 15 years, I toured every part of China and Hong Kong, visited every major city, travelled with different translators and gave over 100 workshops/presentations. So of course, I decided to learn to speak Mandarin and Cantonese. My plan? Watch a few YouTube videos. Create a positive mindset. Catch a few Chinese movies. Set endless goals. Memorize some catchy phrases. Go to Chinese events. And how did my plan work out? It didn’t. I am a total failure at the Chinese language. It seems if we choose to make stupid choices, and don’t take... Read full article

Professional victims have a mantra.

​ Profession victims complain, “I didn’t have a chance.” But ask ourselves, did the professional victims: Ever take a chance? Ever look for a chance? Learn skills so they could take a chance? It is easier to complain than to take positive action. Many people default to the path of least resistance. The fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain. When talking to our prospects, sometimes the bigger motivator is what they will miss in their lives if they don’t join our business. Maybe they will miss time with their... Read full article

Easy rapport-building opening words.

​ Easy rapport-building opening words. Most people. Everybody knows. Everybody says. There is an old saying. Makes sense. Put these words before our facts, and then prospects will trust our facts more. What words help us ease the tension after an objection? As we know, we must start with agreement. If we disagree, it is over. We would be talking, but no one would be listening. Start with: "I see where you are coming from." "Makes sense." "It’s okay." "Of course." These starter words will... Read full article

I hit my hand with a hammer ...

​ Every action will produce a result. If we don’t like the result, then we should change the activity. For example, I hit my hand with a hammer. Ouch! That really hurts. Then, I do it again. I hit my hand with a hammer. Ouch! Ouch! Now my hand really hurts. I repeat. And guess what? Ouch! Ouch! Well, by now we get the picture. The action of hitting my hand with a hammer consistently makes my hand hurt a lot. If I want different results, I should do something different. Maybe I should have a cup of tea instead of hitting my hand with a... Read full article

How to take the pressure off our prospects.

​ A major subconscious mind program is “risk avoidance.” We make many decisions because we want to avoid risk. Let our prospects know that by choosing what we offer, they will lessen the risks in their lives. An example? “When you are trained in presenting, you won’t risk delivering a presentation you regret. “When you use our automatic referral system, you won’t risk your credibility when you ask for referrals again.” “When you use our retirement process, you won’t risk depending on the state... Read full article

What motivates our prospects to take action?

When we talk with prospects, we want action. If our prospects take no action to move forward, it is the same as saying, "No." There are two main reasons why our prospects will decide to take action. Pick the reason you think is more powerful: #1. They want something better. #2. They want to fix a current problem. If we try to convince prospects that they want something better, they will feel that we are salespeople. But if we attempt to help them fix a current problem, they see us as allies. Solving problems makes our messaging easier, and we will... Read full article

Less information and more conversations

​ A one-sentence micro story to tell ourselves when we are looking for new clients. "If you were a farmer and planted £1,000 worth of seeds, would you at least stay around until harvest time?" Many business owners quit after only one or two months of prospecting and going to Networking meetings. This micro story helps them have better patience. Too much information. There is no shortage of information and advice today. The challenge is to invest our time in quality, not quantity. It will take several lifetimes to read all the advice for our... Read full article

The "Ask a question" hook.

How do we take prospecting to a higher level? Here is the difference between a benefit and a hook. You decide which is the more powerful approach. Imagine we are a personal trainer talking to our workout client about exercise. We want to sell our nutrition. Approach #1: “You should buy this supplement. It will extend the benefits of this workout.” Approach #2: “How long do you want the benefits of this workout to last?” Approach #2 uses the “question hook” approach. The difference in results will be startling. And we can... Read full article