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These 2 points will make the difference - I wish I knew earlier

In an interview with the magazine Vanity Fair, David Bowie cited one of his favourite quotes - "Most people die when they're 25 but don't get buried until they're 75", Benjamin Franklin - when explaining why everything you do that isn't you is a mistake. When asked his definition of misery, Bowie replied, "Living in fear of expressing myself and doing what I was born to do, which like all other human beings is to be creative and to create." Bowie did things which didn't necessarily add years to his life, but which did... Read full article

How do you avoid negative people and negative conversations?

Whilst speaking at a conference in Melbourne 2 weeks ago, I got chatting to an old retired farmer named Bill who told me, "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”  Now this odd statement whilst I was in line to get a coffee before the conference made me think. I added this point making it a short story in the keynote which was well received Stories sell, facts tell. Stories are very important to make a point more interesting. Do you know people who like to argue? Find fault with things? Never happy? So do not give them the... Read full article

More Rejection and Why

The Professional: "But I invited 100 people I know and only one person wanted to come to a presentation. I hate all this rejection!" Hmm. Think about this. Three possible problems here. Problem #1: If you are saying the wrong words on the phone, prospects are not rejecting the opportunity, since they don't even know what the opportunity is yet. The prospects are rejecting the words you use to make the invitation. Solution? Learn new trained words and better telephone techniques to invite. Problem #2: The prospects are rejecting... Read full article

Are you talking at only Level 6 to your prospects?

Discover: “The Six Levels of Communication”. For this one minute video on the 6 levels of communication, click here:  Don’t sell features. Don’t sell benefits. Instead, base your sales presentation on your prospect’s most pressing problem.  Then you’ll have your prospect’s attention. You will probably have an idea of the problem. So, if you ask your prospect using these 3 magic words, they will definitely feel more comfortable about giving you... Read full article

"How Do I Handle Objections?"

How do I handle objections? What do I say when they want to think it over? Is there anything I can say if they don't believe me? Why are they sceptical? What can I say if they don't have any money? And the answer is: "Nothing." Have you ever won a political argument? Of course not. People's minds are already made up. It is the same with objections. You would need a really high level of skill to turn these objections around, and most professionals don't have this level of skill. But this isn't the problem. The... Read full article

There Are Two Types of Prospects – How Can You Tell the Difference?

Type 1: Those that look for reasons why something will work. Type 2: Those that look for reasons why something won't work. This is a great thing to say before you give a presentation. Your prospects will then want to look for reasons why your business will work for them. Ever since I decided to only coach or speak for organisations that were serious about putting into action the skills I teach, the results and referrals have been flooding in. We cannot help lazy people if we are in the coaching or advising business. So be... Read full article

Where is the best place to meet new Prospects?

People often ask me “Bernie……. Where is the best place to meet new prospects?” How does this sound? Go to places where people are spending money to improve themselves. Makes sense. So where would you find places like this? Here is a starter list. * Night school and continuing education classes. People are spending money to learn new skills to enhance their careers. * Health clubs. People are spending money to improve their bodies. * Investment lectures. Real estate seminars and stock-investing seminars come to mind. *... Read full article

How To Prepare For A Meeting With A New Prospect

Meeting a new prospect for the first time can be stressful, since you want to make a good first impression and assure your potential client that you have their best interests at heart. Sometimes nerves can get the better of you and you’re left looking nervous or unprofessional, which can cost you business. So how do you ensure that you can speak with confidence to new prospects? These simple tips will have you sounding like an expert presenter at your next meeting. 1. Prepare Properly If you do your homework, then you’ll know what you’re talking... Read full article

How To Meet High Net Value People At Networking Events

Would it be ok if I took a moment to talk to you about networking events? Many people see these kinds of events as a dreaded necessity of being in the industry, but people some see it as a chance to get new perspectives on the industry and increase their professional network. Meeting like-minded professionals is an important part of growing your business, and networking events can be a great chance to meet a lot of people quickly. It can all be a bit daunting though with so many people around. So how can you get the most of out of your next event? The following tips... Read full article

How To Raise Your Rates Without Losing Clients

Everybody knows that raising the rates you charge your clients can be intimidating. Will I lose clients? Will it affect me being able to attract new clients? Many people think that price is the most important factor when getting and retaining new clients, but some people know the true differentiator is value. If you can show your clients that you’re delivering tons of value to them, they’ll happily pay the fees you’re charging. The following tips will help you raise your rates without losing clients by providing greater value. 1. Schedule Regular... Read full article