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Prospects prejudge …

​ Prospects prejudge us in the first 10 seconds, before we mention our company, our video, or our compensation plan. This is where the decision happens. Not fair, is it? Prospects don’t know how their minds make a decision, but we do. When we control the first 10 seconds, everything else is easy. No more rejection, selling, or convincing. Spend our time perfecting our first 10 seconds. This is a short, 7-minute video from the MDRT is the answer. It is one of their most popular videos as they have translated it into 12 different languages. Here is... Read full article

Can I sit on my butt and build?

​ Q. “I want to sit on my butt and let the ‘law of attraction’ build my business. Of course, I will set some goals, work on my attitude, do a fire walk, and chant some affirmations to help. Will I re-watch the movie, ‘The Secret’? Sure. Mind over matter. So, what do you think about that?” A. Attraction marketing, branding, Internet systems, funnels, avatar targeting, and online influencing sound sexy ... but the real action happens when we actually talk to a “live” human being. Prospects are generally... Read full article

Your first ten words are more important than your next ten thousand!

​ In the 1980s, Business owners provided prospects with facts and information. Prospects needed videos, brochures, and slides. But today, prospects have the Internet. They have all the information they need. They don't need us to show or read the information to them. Q. So what is our job as Professionals? A. To get a YES decision. We have to stop living in the 1980s. Those days are not coming back. If we don't know how to get our prospects to make immediate decisions, yes, we can read my two books on skills. But this is something we can do... Read full article

How does a client pick you, or your competitor?

​ Your potential client comes sets an appointment for the initial consultation. Nervous, he arrives at your office, sits down, and begins to explain his problem. Now, this potential client can describe this problem to 100 different firms. The problem remains the same. So how does this person choose you? Or how does this person make a decision to choose any other of the 99 firms? Your academic credentials? The size of your office? If the free coffee was tasty? If the chairs were soft? The testimonials on your website? The pictures on your wall? If your... Read full article

Interactive types

​ Last week, we looked at dominant, direct personality types. This week, we’re going to look at the interactive personality. These make up 25% of the population. These people smile and chat more. They are the life and soul of the party. These people are easy to spot They smile more They chat more They speak fast Words to use with Interactive people – “Let’s meet up for lunch / event, where we can chat more about how to …., meet other people ….” Watch the video below for more information... Read full article

How to Connect with Dominant Personalities

​ Last week, we mentioned that over the next four weeks we would give you an insight into how to observe and spot signs for which of the four personality types our clients are. We will learn what words would be more favourable to use to build rapport and trust with each type. (Please remember that we do have a blend of personalities. This is just their primary personality.) ​ This week let’s concentrate on the dominant, direct personality clients. You’ll be pleased to know this only makes up 10% of the population! These people like to win and are... Read full article

Why people buy from people and how to connect with everyone

​ Worth over $75 Billion and considered to be one of the world's most successful investors, Warren Buffet was asked what his advice is for being successful. His answer was to say that seasonal cards like Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day, cards should not just be for those times, but should be for the whole year. You see, Buffet writes a letter or a handwritten note most days which typically includes a line of gratitude, or a few words of praise. Buffet says that whether its business or pleasure, ultimately everything is personal. When we understand... Read full article

The four steps to get more clients.

​ Maybe we've seen too many movies of sleazy salesmen from the 1970s. Here is how selling should work. Step #1. Listen to our prospects to see if they have a problem that we could fix. (If we listen, they will like us.) Step #2. Ask our prospects if they want to fix their problems. (Yes, some people want to keep their problems. It makes them happy.) Step #3. Find out when our prospects want to fix their problems; now, or sometime in the future. (Timing is everything. They may have bigger issues at the moment. We will respect that.) Step #4. If they... Read full article

How to be More Successful Confident and Fulfil Your Potential

Which one are we? Two young men graduate from school. The first young man goes to work in his career, and then finally retires when he is old. The other young man starts his career, but every day learns one new thing. In a few years, his knowledge, skill level, and abilities command a larger salary. He earns more money and has the option to retire earlier. It isn’t rocket science. We either learn and grow or stay the same … which is actually falling behind. Here is something fun. Start every day with excitement by saying to ourselves,... Read full article

It is impossible to underestimate how little prospects care.

​ Prospects are selfish. It is a human trait. They care about themselves. They don’t care about us. They care even less about we want to show them. So when we talk to prospects, what should we talk about? Here are our choices. #1. Talk about us and the stuff we offer, while the prospect is not listening or caring. #2. Talk about the prospect and the prospects’ problems. Well ... What would we choose? Most amateurs will go with choice #1. They talk about how great they are, how they branded themselves, show company videos, talk... Read full article