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Get More Clients In 1 Minute Or Less

How To Get More Clients Without Selling In Only 60 Seconds Many times, at breakfast meetings or networking events you’ll be asked to give a 1­minute  presentation of your business and services.  This can be scary since there’s a lot of pressure to perform and convince people they need your  services in such a short amount of time!  But some people have found a way to use short stories to stimulate interest and build trust in  only 60 seconds.  So let’s talk about what’s involved in this 60­second... Read full article

Teach Yourself To Be Creative

Getting Your Mind Right for Creativity It’s a common myth amongst professionals that creative people are born and not made and that you have to have a special gift in order to be truly creative.  If you hold on to this idea, then of course you’ll never experience your natural creativity, but if you’d like your creativity to seep through there are some simple things you could do.  One physiologist suggested that placing your tongue behind your top row of teeth (a bit like dental acupuncture) stimulates the brain.  Equally, there are... Read full article

Taking Action - what stops us getting things done

Taking Action - what stops us getting things done. Some professionals call it displacement activity.  When we’re faced with an unenviable task that we know needs to be completed, curiously other tasks suddenly seem to become more important.  Indeed, we can feel compelled to do these other things first and leave the important task for another day, after all, “Dealing with these other things means I’m still taking action, right?”   There’s a saying: “The quality of your actions determine who you truly are”.... Read full article

Creating Loyal Clients Through Trust and Rapport

Trust, Rapport and Creating Loyal Clients The words ‘trust’ and ‘rapport’ seem to be in common parlance within professional services businesses as if they are automatic givens, like ‘email’ and ‘smart phone’, yet only the shrewd and knowledgeable businesses truly understand the significance of these two key words to growing a sizeable quality client base.  Going back in time, rapport was not a common feature of the advisor-client relationship. If you consider medicine for example, rapport was often deliberately missed... Read full article

Winning Business through Powerful Presentations

Winning Business through Powerful Presentations Imagine this, you walk into a room full of people and take a seat.  The lights dim and a well-dressed speaker walks on, taking centre stage.  The presentation begins.  Your senses are pleasantly assaulted by visuals, music and a powerful voice that cleverly introduces you to a significant idea that resonates immediately.  As the lights brighten again you check the time.  It feels like 20 minutes have gone by, but actually a whole hour has raced by. When you witness a great presentation, it's... Read full article

Discovering Your Persistance Factor

Are you Giving Up on Perseverance? Many professionals feel there’s a contradiction around perseverance.  The advice that we often read about from some business gurus and success superstars is how important it is to keep going regardless - until you get to your intended outcome.  This is compared with the opposite advice which is “when something isn’t working, do something different.”   It’s a tough call because there are pros and cons for both strategies.  The answer is probably partially around how long you may... Read full article

Phone Strategies that Actually Work

Phone Strategies that Actually Work for Professionals Using a telephone strategically is something that every professional will acknowledge.  However, many professionals quite understandably find it challenging to do or say anything that sounds ‘salesy’ or pushy.  With this in mind, let’s look at ways any professional can become more strategic immediately without feeling uncomfortable - following a few simple ideas.  There are three types of ‘business phone call’ conversation.  The Landline, the Mobile and the Skype... Read full article

Object Handling Made Simple

Objection Handling .… made so very simple There seems to be an anomaly for professionals in all matters relating to objection handling.  The bottom line is that many sales trainers and business coaches alike seem to believe it’s all about having ‘smart’ replies to deliver, with a smile and expression of self-assurance when faced with a client objection.  Maybe it’s time to set the record straight using the WE’RE OK concept.  As a professional, you would probably want to steer clear of any type of sales patter when... Read full article

Upgrading Your Mindset for Success

Upgrading Your Mindset for Success As a professional advisor who would potentially like to be more successful, when’s the last time you had an ‘MOT’ on your mindset?  We invariably change and upgrade our homes, cars and mobile phones, yet find it quite a challenge to consider taking the same approach with our mindset.  Sixty years ago, personal development and self-improvement were considered a bit weird and whacky.  Today, however, more people are open to the concepts and ideas, yet very few seem to know how to do a mindset check that... Read full article

The Easy Way To Get Referrals

Getting Referrals.  Hard or Easy? Most professional advisors will tell you they work from referrals, yet how much truth is there in this?  When 100 advisors were surveyed in a top US city it was discovered that 16% made it a habit to ask for them, 22% asked for them occasionally and a whopping 62% never ever asked for referrals.  This is quite surprising, when getting referrals is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build a thriving practice.  Incidentally, when the advisors in the survey were subsequently asked whether they had ever had any... Read full article