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Does having the best tools and equipment help Advisors and Business owners?

  I challenge Tiger Woods to a round of golf. Yes, I am out of shape, don't know how to hit the ball properly, and have no golfing real skills. But, I buy the most expensive golf clubs imaginable. Then I invest in GPS tracking, a high-priced caddy with opinions, designer golf wear, chant positive affirmations, cut out pictures for my vision board, and purchase a readymade success book guaranteeing me to be a winner. Tiger Woods will compete against me using a single seven iron. Who will win? Tiger Woods will crush me like a grape. His... Read full article

Ever heard these 6 words ? "I want to think it over.

"I want to think it over." So our prospect looks us in the eye and say, "I want to think it over." We reply, "Oh. Uh. Uh. Well, uh, see what your spouse, boss and other strangers say and we'll talk in a couple days." I know, I know. You would never say anything dumb like this. Me neither. But this is why professionals quickly learn exactly, word-for-word, what to say. The cost of not learning is thousands of pounds of lost fees. Be a pro, the words to get more clients are in these 2 books For all professionals follow... Read full article

Coaching versus reading

Imagine you are a karate black belt. You take two people from the audience. One will read a karate book and watch Bruce Lee videos on YouTube. The other you will personally coach every day.   Who will win?   I have a coach, do you?   Most successful people have a coach, perhaps there is a clue here?   Look for someone who has the skills you want, and ask for some help, your skills and actions determine your income and life style.     A Bit of Humour for You   Two friends were in the wine... Read full article

Smart learning

Smart learning means ... not learning everything right away. We don't have time to read and study the entire Internet before we start. Instead, we learn the minimum to get the job done immediately.  What is the minimum we have to learn in sales?   1. Find a reliable source of great prospects. 2. Learn the exact words that make prospects buy.   Smart learners put their efforts in these two skills to get the most leverage for their business.   "A Bit of Humour for You" Three 5-year-old boys were sitting in the... Read full article

What is the purpose of Business?

Here is the short story. The purpose of business is to solve other people's problems. As Business people, we ask people if they have a problem (that we can fix with our business) ... and then ask if they want to fix their problem. That's it. If they want to fix their problem, we help them.   Let’s make the process easy - no long-complicated presentations.   'A Bit of Humour' - The guy who invented the umbrella was going to call it the 'brella'. But he hesitated. - Vegans think people who sell meat are... Read full article

Busy buyers want us to make their decisions

We all live busy lives today, and wouldn’t it be great if we could find another hour or 2? So, when we meet people who are viewed to be a specialist, we want them to take care of their stuff and make decisions with specific instructions and crystal-clear directions. Specific. We want less meetings and more things accomplished in less time. So, when we hear vague comments like “we will get back to you later this week, replace with “we will respond in writing by 4pm tomorrow”. If you put doubt in peoples mind, stutter, pause or sound under... Read full article

Being Shy can be a massive advantage when your prospecting

Being Shy can be a massive advantage when your prospecting Shy people have a massive advantage A common misconception is that shy people have trouble building their businesses. Wrong. Shy people have a natural advantage that makes them great business-builders. Natural advantage? Yes. They are great listeners. And prospects love great listeners. If the purpose of business is to solve other people’s problems, how can we know what our prospects’ problems are if we are talking all the time? Yes, the talkers pitch their businesses blindly, not... Read full article

Why looking for good prospects is ... not the answer.

‚Äč We talked to our friends, and they said, "No." We talked to our relatives, and they said, "Not interested." Finding more new prospects to ruin isn’t the answer. We don’t need more new people to ruin. We need to change what we say. If our best prospects (family and friends) hated what we said, then strangers won’t like what we say any better. •          Buying 1,000 names of new prospects to ruin isn’t the... Read full article

Do People say your childish?

Remember as a child when you couldn't pass a swing without wanting to have a go? Remember when your imagination transported you to a world where rockets were made from water bottles and castles were made of cushions? Never, ever, lose the desire to climb a tree or run through sprinklers. As the French philosopher Charles Baudelaire said, creative genius comes from those who have managed to stay in touch with their childhood and not got buried under the could, should and would of adulthood. Don't become stale. Also, we can learn so much from our... Read full article

Are you over appreciated?

Can you remember your first date with your spouse or a partner? Can you remember how you felt? Butterflies in the stomach, can't wait to see them? But after while the romance fades doesn't it, and we don't hang off our partners every word. This is also true of business relationships so that's why we need to keep it fresh and let our customers, colleagues and loved ones know that we care about them and appreciate them. In over 30 years of business, I've never come across anyone who has ever told me that they feel over... Read full article