We only get one mind, we have to take care of it.

We don’t want to hear this from our friends, "Your intelligence peaked at an early age, right?"

Ugh. Hopefully, we still have enough brain cells left to realize our friends just insulted us.

But how do we stop brain rot?

Not easy. We must remember to exercise our brain muscle and do personal development often.

This could be listening to a podcast, reading a book, taking a Masterclass, or attending live trainings. As the old saying goes, "Use it … or lose it."

We don’t want to join the flocks of mindless sheep who abandoned their minds as soon as they left school.

And here is the good news. People notice. We will stand out from the flocks of mindless sheep, desperately looking for someone to follow.

A great way to start a presentation.

“Imagine this”

This opening phrase works like magic. Now we have our prospect putting himself into the story of our presentation. The prospect has forgotten about judging us. Now the prospect’s attention is all about themself and their journey.

No time for prospecting? Try this habit.

Create new contacts daily. This doesn’t take long. We could invest 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes at night, just on social media. That would be enough time to make 5 new contacts in the morning, and of course, 5 new contacts in the evening.

At the end of our day, ten new people would know our name. This adds up. At the end of just one year, 3,650 new people would know our name!

Got ten minutes in the morning? And ten minutes in the evening? Easy. And this doesn’t even count any other contacts we make during out day from other resources.

Follow up … or bothersome?

Since most prospects don’t sign immediately, how do we follow up later without being a pushy salesperson?

We don’t want to be a pest or bothersome, yet we do want to keep in touch with the prospect. So how do we get the prospect to answer the telephone and accept our follow up call?

The easiest solution is to get an agreement with the prospect during the first contact. You could say something as simple as:

“Yes, I understand you don’t want to make a decision now. You are way too busy at the moment. Let’s do this. Is it okay if I check back with you in 30 days, and take one minute to update you on what has happened, just so don’t miss anything?”

Not guaranteed, but a whole lot better than not preparing your prospect for a follow up call. The good part is that you have placed in our prospect’s mind that your follow up call will only take one minute and will only be an update. That is a lot less threatening, so it is easier for the prospect to take your call.

Don’t let all those prospects who didn’t commit on the first contact, slip away, and eventually join someone else when the time is right for them. Keep in touch.

“You got to be tough, if you're going to be stupid.”

Yes, some Advisors can “tough it out” through rejection after rejection. But most won’t. We should teach our new Advisors the skills of talking to people, so they don’t get rejected.



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