Ugly red mark on my forehead.

The salesperson asked me, "So what got you thinking about a new computer?"

And then I sold myself.

I drove home with my new computer wondering, "Why have I spent all my time trying to convince others? They do a lot better job convincing themselves."

​<Slaps forehead and leaves a bright red palm print.>

Who do we listen to? Salesmen? Or our own minds?

Now, we might be thinking, "Are you saying we should get our prospects to sell themselves … instead of getting them to watch that corporate, boring video?"

Uh. I will let you read between the lines.

Need more "starter words" to get prospects to sell themselves?

  • "Is there any reason that you are looking to start a business now?"
  • "What is the most important reason you want to start save?"
  • "What inspired you to want this change your Mortgage provider?"
  • "I am just curious, how will this affect your future?"
  • "I am just curious, how long have you been thinking about this?"

Our pre-closing opening words should get our prospects to convince themselves they are right.

Rapport words idea:

"Most people want to know this."

Opening words idea:

"I was wrong about this …"

Closing words idea:

"Most people do this step next."



Quirky and clever business names:


Florist Gump

Back to the Fuchsia


Fish & Chip shops

The Codfather

Alex Plaice

A Fish called Rhondaa (in Wales)

The Frying Scotsman (in Glasgow)



Curl Up and Dye

Ali Barber


Clothes shop

Geordie Armani (in Newcastle)


Kebab & Burger Vans

Jason Donervan

Hound of the Basket Meals


Flooring Shop

Lino Ritchie - "Hello. Is it me your looking floor?"




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