"Why do my prospects ghost me?"

I was teaching a workshop in Edinburgh last week and was asked this question. "Why do my prospects ghost me?"

Here was my answer. "Ghosting is not a paranormal experience. It is our prospect signalling to us he is not interested but is afraid to tell us."

What is a solution to this? To make sure we have a reason for a follow-up.

Let our prospects convince themselves.

We listen. We hear our prospects’ problems. Now, what would be a high-level way to respond?

"You know, it is okay to keep our problems and live with them."

We create rapport. We agreed with our prospects. But how might they respond?

Most prospects will conform to the "principle of reaction." They will disagree with what we said. Expect a reply something like this:

"No. It is not okay to keep this problem. I need to fix this problem now."

We listen quietly and allow our prospects to sell themselves.

We want our prospects to make an instant "yes" decision. How?

By making it easy for them to move forward and take action.

Using good words early in our conversations will put our prospects on our side.

Closing words idea:

"It is okay to live with your situation as it is, but it is also okay to use this solution. You get to make the choice."

There is no "thinking it over" as now they will make a choice.



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