Where can I find good prospects?

Prospects are everywhere. Ask ourselves, "Do they want more in their life ... or less?" So of course, most people are pre-sold prospects already.

But, when we talk to them, they don't trust us, they don't believe us ... so they pretend to not be prospects.

The first rule is to build rapport. That means showing prospects that we see the world the same way as they do. For example, we can start a conversation by saying, "You know, inflation has risen recently." If the prospect agrees, the prospect feels more trust and will want to believe other things we say.

Now, in a group of 100 prospects, some will never engage. They were crushed by humanity. Their dreams shattered. And a few take an interest no matter what we say. It is just "their time."

But for the vast majority, we will have to build rapport and use good communication skills.

But back to the opening question, "Where can I find good prospects?"

Start with people who have a problem you can solve. They are motivated. They are willing to do more. And they don't want to worry for the rest of their life to solve this. Excellent prospects.

Or, look for people who complain. This means they have problems, and want to fix their problems. These motivated complainers are more likely to take action now.

Now, we can ruin these prospects by saying the wrong words of course. However, we are at least starting with prospects who are motivated for change.

Our opening words should get prospects to think, "Wow! Tell me more."

Rapport words idea:

"Everyone knows inflation isn’t going away."

Opening words idea:

"Have you ever had this problem?"

Closing words idea:

"Is now a good time to fix the problem? Or do we want the problem to stay?"



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