Overcoming our prospects’ fears.

Salesmen scare their prospects. Salesmen have an agenda and want to sell them something.

Nobody likes to be sold, but people love to buy.

So how do we get people to feel like they are buying instead feeling like they are being sold? By putting the control of the information flow in their hands.

When someone is giving a presentation, they are selling to us. When they ask questions, and they answer our questions, we are buying.

See the difference?

What question will change their perception of us?

"What would you like to know first?"

Instead of pitching and presenting, we put them in the question-asking mode. It’s easy. And it is polite. Nobody enjoys a one-way conversation where the salesman is talking at us.

So as soon as possible, ask the question:

"What would you like to know first?"

How to check for "good timing" with our prospects.

Easy. Use this simple phrase, "Would it be okay if …?


  • "Would it be okay if we talked about this over coffee tomorrow?"
  • "Would it be okay if we looked at a solution now?"
  • "Would it be okay if I gave you a sample?"
  • "Would it be okay if we learned these skills together?"
  • "Would it be okay if we introduce you to some of our clients?"

Have we ever read a newspaper?

How do we read the newspaper? Do we start at the upper left-hand corner and read everything until we get to the bottom right-hand corner of the last page?

I don’t think so. I bet we only read certain articles.

And how do we choose which articles to read?

By the headlines. Yes, that is the first sentence. And we prejudge that headline harshly, just like our prospects prejudge our first sentence.

The good news is that if our first sentence is good, our prospects smile and want to know more.



  • I opened a lovely bottle of red wine at 7pm last night. The label read consume by 2023 ...... I finished it by 1955.
  • Cashier to customer: Sorry for your wait. Customer: You're not so slim yourself mate.
  • My son got a grade F in his geography exam today. I sent him to his room, but he ended up in the fridge.




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