What do you think Prospects are more interested in?

Your features and benefits or their problem?

The more we know the less we grow, facts tell story’s sell, a simple story works so much better than a spread sheet of data.

The truth is that we're born in the zone.

Whether it was learning to walk or talk, you practiced tirelessly and didn't get bogged down in failures for one simple reason: you didn't think about them.

We get out the zone because we think too much.

The widely recognized formula for high performance is:

Performance = capacity – interference

And the primary source of interference is our own thinking.

Unconscious competence and performing to our full capacity require an empty mind.

Think less, do more.

Referrals, or introductions?

Instead of just getting a referral, what if we could get a professional introduction to a prospect? Our chances of success would double or triple with this higher quality introduction.

How do we get others to take the time to introduce us to their best contacts? By using our finest rapport skills. Using facts that we both agree upon is the easiest way to start this process.

This takes time. However, once we get this right, we will never run out of prospects again.

This short video explains how to get Professionals Introducers by having an event.

Here is the link to the professional introducers video click here


The stronger the introduction, the better our chances of success.


  • No man goes before his time. Unless the boss leaves early.
  • Last week a Japanese rail company issued a statement apologising for a train leaving 20 seconds early.
  • In England, trains regularly run more than 20 mins late accompanied by an automated, insincere, tannoy message apologising for "any inconvenience caused".
  • Its revealing that the anagram of England's "National Rail Timetables" is "all trains aim to be late in".





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