The three components of happiness are?


The three components of happiness are

  1. something to do,
  2. someone to love, and
  3. something to look forward to.

Dr Gordon Livingston, “Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart.”

So if we enjoy our career we already have #1 and #3 taken care of.

"I am trying to tell you that I am not interested."

Most of our prospects are polite. They won't tell us "no" to our faces. They feel that it’s confrontational, and they want to save our self-image and feelings.

So these prospects tell us "no" in other ways. Here are some of the phrases that they use:

  • "I need to think it over."
  • "I will get back to you."
  • "I have to talk it over with someone."
  • "Is there a video or website I could go to?"
  • "Send me some literature."
  • "I will look it over on the website."
  • "Send me an email."
  • "I will look it over this weekend."

We should take a hint. They want to tell us "no," but they don’t want to hurt our feelings.

When our prospects tell us "no" with these phrases, rewind the conversation in our heads. Prospects react to what we say. What did we say immediately before we heard this "no" response from our prospects?

That will save you hundreds of frustrating pointless pitches, presentation and meetings.


  • We all know that Einstein was a genius, but his brother Frank was a monster.
  • I'm allergic to rice. I'm basmatic.
  • The inventor of hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat has just died. RIP Scott Chegg.




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