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How To Unlock People’s Secrets To Get More Clients Easily

One of the most powerful tools in a great salesperson’s arsenal is the ability to listen. Most people love telling you everything you need to know to solve their problems. But what if the person you are talking to is not as forthcoming? What can you do? Sometimes when we are speaking to a potential client, we need to know some background information, such as: Who they have worked with before, Who they’re looking to work with, What have they paid in the past, Their budget. Some people know how to unlock these people’s minds and have a... Read full article

How To Handle All Objections With Just One Word

Sometimes people ask me how I handle objections? What sorts of tactics, or techniques do I keep in my bag to turn a “no” into a “yes.” In the products offered on my website that teach you how to get more clients, more easily without even selling - I often talk about “magic words” which make that process easier. Whether it’s face to face or over the phone, I have found that there is just one word that is the most effective way to handle objections. “Fine” As soon as you say “fine” it deadens a... Read full article

The Man With The 6 Million Dollar Handshake

Would it be ok if I told you a story? Many years ago I was speaking at a conference in Texas for one of my workshops. It was a very busy day and I was looking forward to sitting down for a break, and to finally enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. There I saw a businessman who was selling cowboy hats and cowboy boots. I noticed there was something strange going on. When the businessman was serving people, some went to the left, some to the right and some he served directly. This all happened after a very short exchange between the businessman and his customer. This... Read full article

Using ‘The Rhythm of 3’ to Get More Clients Now

You know how when talking to a prospective client, it can be difficult to decide on how many benefits to tell them about in relation to your business. “Am I selling them too much and confusing them?” or “Am I not selling them enough?” - these kinds of questions come up all the time. People often ask me how many benefits they should give a prospective client when trying to bring them on board. A simple rule I use is the rhythm of 3. The mind will always remember rhythms of 3. For example, take a look at my tagline: “How to get... Read full article

How A Simple Touch Can Help You Get New Clients

Would it be ok if I told you a story? In the 60’s, an experiment was conducted to determine the effect of on a person’s level of honesty. A coin was left in a phone booth, while a researcher hid near by. When a person entered the booth and picked up the coin, the researcher would appear and ask them “Have you seen my coin?” The researchers found that people were 50% more honest when the researcher lightly touched their elbow or upper arm. This experiment showed that a light, brief touch can increase trust and familiarity even amongst complete... Read full article

How To Get People To Tell You Exactly What They’re Thinking

We all want to find more clients easily. Well you know how it is impossible to read your client's mind? The good news is you don’t have to. Instead, you can get your client to tell you exactly what they want with a simple trick. When networking and meeting prospective new clients it’s important to let them talk as much as possible. People are social beings, and they love to hear the sound of their own voice. Talkers also tend to be the easiest to persuade, because they will tell you everything you need to know to close the deal. But what do you do... Read full article

How To Get More Clients Through Storytelling

Would it be ok if i told you a story? “Jack was from a small town. He was a family man and popular in his local community. But Jack had some problems. He was struggling with his finances and drowning in debt. He just wasn’t able to generate enough sales from his business to stay afloat financially. Jack realised that if things continued this way, he would be filing for bankruptcy in under two months. He had heard about a consultant who created a guaranteed system for getting more clients without even selling. After attending the consultant’s... Read full article

4 Magic Words To Gain Instant Trust

Last week we spoke about using Commercial Words to get a “yes”.   Would it be ok if today I showed you how to build instant trust and rapport? Well you know how sometimes you feel awkward in a conversation, or even a bit clumsy? If you don’t start the conversation right it could end badly and lead to lost sales. Well you know how if you knew the right words to say, you could avoid triggering alarm bells or making people feel uncomfortable? I use these 4 words a lot in my business - they are: “Well you know... Read full article

Get The Sale With These “Commercial Words”

Would it be ok if I showed you how to avoid the “are you selling to me” alarm bell? What do I mean by that? Let me explain. Have you ever spent an hour telling your best friend about what you do for a living, yet they don’t buy your product or service even though they are your perfect customer? Have you ever seen how that same friend watches a 15 second TV advertisement, and they can’t pull out their credit card fast enough to buy the advertised product? That’s because there are two types of words people use: Commercial words and... Read full article

How To Turn A "No" Into A "Yes"

Picture this - you have just put together a great proposal and given a presentation to your prospective client. You call or visit to followup, and they come back to you with the dreaded phrase “I’ve been thinking…”. Everybody knows what comes next... a “no”. Most people can only think about one thing at a time. When they are in the, “I’ve been thinking” mindset, their thoughts are set on a “no” result. Luckily there is a simple line you can use to get them thinking in the affirmative. The next time you... Read full article