Imagine our prospect gets angry …

Imagine our prospect gets angry and threatens us.

Q. What should we do?

A. We should stop imagining!

How many times do we not approach a great prospect because of our imagination? And guess what? We are in charge of our imagination. We create it.

Sometimes it is not the outside influences that hold us back. Sometimes it is us.

Good news. We can change. This is in our power.

Practice these 3 words daily. "I’m just curious."

Can questions offend or scare prospects? Yes. Worse yet, we fear asking questions from strangers.

By placing "I’m just curious" in front of most questions, we won’t sound harsh or interrogating. This means less chance of rejection.

Saying "I’m just curious" sounds so much better than saying, "Why?"

So … I’m just curious. Have you set your New Year’s goals yet? This could be an easy conversation in January.​

I’m just curious when do you intend to retire?” soft words and shows we are interested in the prosect.

Basic rules to improve our hooks.

In the first few seconds, we either hook our prospects’ interest … or not.

That is why professionals constantly tweak and improve what they say during those crucial seconds.

Needs some guidelines to start your improvements? These are my three favourites.

  1. Make the hooks shorter. Yes, fewer words.
  2. Make the words clear with simple language.
  3. Add more emotion.

It may take a bit of tweaking, but the results are worth it! Having prospects begging to engage with us is the payoff.

For example, if you are a Financial Advisor you could say you are Chartered, or a Fellow and go through features and benefits, how long you have been an Advisor, blah blah blah or say these 9 magic words

“I help people make better decisions with their money” and pause.

The Prospect will normally say “what sort of decisions?” enter the start of the conversation…..

Focus or distractions?

I practice distractions daily. Looks like I am qualifying for my Black Belt.

And then I thought, "How much time do I practice on focus during my day?"

The answer? Zero.

Time to get better. It is a choice.

One reason for failure.

Sitting in front of a screen, watching other people’s lives, is not a very productive activity.

Could we replace some of our television time with actually talking to prospects?



Some razor sharp one liners from writer and comedian Gary Delaney:

  1. I went to the doctor because I wanted to lose weight. He said don't eat anything fatty. I said, "What like pies, chips and sausages?" He said, "No. Just don't eat anything...... Fatty."
  2. Grandad asked me how to print on his new computer. I said, "Just Control-P" He said, "I haven't been able to do that for years."
  3. I certainly broke a few hearts when I was a young man (I had a kebab van).
  4. I've just seen the grave of the woman from My Fair Lady, it says "Here lies a Doolittle."
  5. Upon hearing that he had been awarded an OBE by the Queen, the Chairman of the Dyslexic Society said, "What's the use? I can't play the bloody thing."




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