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How To Get More Clients Through Storytelling

Would it be ok if i told you a story? “Jack was from a small town. He was a family man and popular in his local community. But Jack had some problems. He was struggling with his finances and drowning in debt. He just wasn’t able to generate enough sales from his business to stay afloat financially. Jack realised that if things continued this way, he would be filing for bankruptcy in under two months. He had heard about a consultant who created a guaranteed system for getting more clients without even selling. After attending the consultant’s... Read full article

4 Magic Words To Gain Instant Trust

Last week we spoke about using Commercial Words to get a “yes”.   Would it be ok if today I showed you how to build instant trust and rapport? Well you know how sometimes you feel awkward in a conversation, or even a bit clumsy? If you don’t start the conversation right it could end badly and lead to lost sales. Well you know how if you knew the right words to say, you could avoid triggering alarm bells or making people feel uncomfortable? I use these 4 words a lot in my business - they are: “Well you know... Read full article

Get The Sale With These “Commercial Words”

Would it be ok if I showed you how to avoid the “are you selling to me” alarm bell? What do I mean by that? Let me explain. Have you ever spent an hour telling your best friend about what you do for a living, yet they don’t buy your product or service even though they are your perfect customer? Have you ever seen how that same friend watches a 15 second TV advertisement, and they can’t pull out their credit card fast enough to buy the advertised product? That’s because there are two types of words people use: Commercial words and... Read full article

How To Turn A "No" Into A "Yes"

Picture this - you have just put together a great proposal and given a presentation to your prospective client. You call or visit to followup, and they come back to you with the dreaded phrase “I’ve been thinking…”. Everybody knows what comes next... a “no”. Most people can only think about one thing at a time. When they are in the, “I’ve been thinking” mindset, their thoughts are set on a “no” result. Luckily there is a simple line you can use to get them thinking in the affirmative. The next time you... Read full article

How To Get People To Sell Your Product To Themselves

We all have this in built fear that people are trying to sell to us. When we go somewhere and somebody is trying to sell to us, our defenses go up. We are on guard, and it feels uncomfortable, so we switch off. Have you ever wondered how to bypass this reaction so that your customers ask you to tell them more about your products or services? Well I'm going to give you the tips and techniques to get people saying things like: “How?” “Tell me more” “I'm interested” “How do I get involved?” … just like... Read full article

Boosting Productivity: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Day To Manage Your Time More Effectively

Would it be ok if I showed you some simple steps to help you manage your time more effectively? What if I told you that by asking yourself some simple questions every morning, you could get more done and improve the success of your business? Everybody knows that success is an ongoing process. You must adapt and change on a regular basis if you want to be successful in both life and business. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself everyday to increase your productivity: Question #1: “What should I stop doing?” Ask yourself: “What... Read full article

How To Get Clients To Happily Pay You More!

Most people undercharge their clients and do a lot of work for less money, but some people have figured out a way to charge their clients higher rates, and their clients are even happy to pay them. Would you like to know how? The contrast principle is a great way to get more clients paying you more money. It reduces resistance to a sale by removing the need to justify your fees. Instead of focusing why your product is a good value, you focus on what value your client actually gets for their money. This trick is the main reason I am able to charge higher fees, and my... Read full article

3 Magic Phrases Which Turn A Phone Call Into An Appointment

3 Magic Phrases Which Turn A Phone Call Into An Appointment Most people have no idea how to get an appointment by phone, but some people have figured out a way to land meetings with prospective clients by phone easily and often. The most successful script I use to turn client calls into appointments is the 7-9-4-4-5 script. Why 7-9-4-4-5? It represents the exact number of words in each phrase I use to build instant rapport and get them to commit. This sequence can easily be shortened to 4-4-5, which is what we will cover today. If you are interested in the full... Read full article

5 Telephone Tips To Get More Appointments By Phone Without Even Selling

Word Count: 952 words Reading Time: 2 mins 50 secs Would It Be Ok If I Told You A Story There once was an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day the farmer’s horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit and offer their condolences. "Such bad luck," they said sympathetically. "Perhaps," the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. Again, the neighbors came to visit. "What great luck!" the neighbors... Read full article

How To Ask For Referrals From Friends And Colleagues

1005 Words Reading Time: 2 minutes, 15 seconds Hi,  Bernie De Souza here with some good news for you today. Everyone’s got a story A friend of mine recently told me of an experience he had while on holiday. He and his wife were traveling by train, and as they settled into their seats they looked around at the other  passengers.  They observed a young woman in her twenties looking excitedly out of the opposite train window. The young woman laughed loudly as they passed a farm and said to the man sitting across from her,... Read full article