3 Magic Phrases Which Turn A Phone Call Into An Appointment

3 Magic Phrases Which Turn A Phone Call Into An Appointment

Most people have no idea how to get an appointment by phone, but some people have figured out a way to land meetings with prospective clients by phone easily and often. The most successful script I use to turn client calls into appointments is the 7-9-4-4-5 script. Why 7-9-4-4-5? It represents the exact number of words in each phrase I use to build instant rapport and get them to commit.

This sequence can easily be shortened to 4-4-5, which is what we will cover today. If you are interested in the full 7-9-4-4-5 script check out chapter 4 of my book here.

The 4-4-5 Script For Building Instant Rapport And Getting Prospective Clients To Commit To An Appointment

Step 1: Build Instant Rapport

Use the 4 magic words, “Well, you know how …”
- followed by a fact that you know your client will agree with.

For example, “Well, you know how we look after your money?”, which they will obviously answer “Yes”. Another example is, “Well, you know how I am your Advisor?”

This starts the process of getting your client to say “Yes”. Setting your client up psychologically to be in a “Yes” mindset makes it easier for them to keep saying “Yes” later in the call.

Step 2: Initiate The Brain Freeze

The next 4 words are: “I’ve just found out …”
This is what I call a Brain Freeze. A Brain Freeze works by triggering a program in your client’s subconscious which says, “I’d better listen, because this could be important.”

Here’s an example of this phrase in action: “I’ve just found out that you are due for a review…” followed by a fact about their policies. Or another example “I’ve just found out there has been a change in the market and we need to run through how this affects your business.”

Step 3: Let Them Close For You

Finally use these 5 words “Would it be OK if…”
Remember how earlier we set up the client into a “Yes” mindset? This has a stacking effect. Whenever these 5 words are used in this order, your client subconsciously says “Yes,” essentially having them close for you!

For example:
You: “Would it be OK if we met to discuss this?”
Client: “Yes, sure!”

Want more examples of a Brain Freeze and how to use this technique to get more clients without even selling?
Watch this video here:


A Bit Of Humour For You

A businessman noticed that his printer was printing documents with black lines through them. He called a local repair shop where a friendly customer service representative explained that the printer just needed a cleaning.

“We charge $50 to clean the printer,” said the service rep, “you might be better off reading the printer's manual and attempting the clean yourself.”

Pleasantly surprised, the man asked, "Does your boss know that you discourage business?"

"Actually, it's my boss's idea," the service rep replied sheepishly. "We usually make more money on repairs if we let people try to fix things themselves first."





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