How To Turn A "No" Into A "Yes"

Picture this - you have just put together a great proposal and given a presentation to your prospective client. You call or visit to followup, and they come back to you with the dreaded phrase “I’ve been thinking…”. Everybody knows what comes next... a “no”.

Most people can only think about one thing at a time. When they are in the, “I’ve been thinking” mindset, their thoughts are set on a “no” result.
Luckily there is a simple line you can use to get them thinking in the affirmative. The next time you hear “I’ve been thinking…” respond with:

“Great!… what have you been thinking about? All the new clients you are going to gain with your business?”

Do you see what I did there? I created an instant shift into a “yes” mindset by associating positive outcomes in their business with what I am offering. To get them into a “yes” mindset you must shift their train of thought into the positive. When they are thinking in the affirmative, it makes it easier for them to say “yes” to your sale.

Here are some more examples you could use:

“Great!… what have you been thinking about?...
     … expanding your business with new growth?”
     … how expanding your client base will bring you more money?”
     … how increasing opportunities for your business will boost your profits?”

You have to be quick though - as soon as you hear the phrase “I’ve been thinking…” you have to flip it quickly.

To learn more about shifting to “yes” - watch this video:




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