Boosting Productivity: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Day To Manage Your Time More Effectively

Would it be ok if I showed you some simple steps to help you manage your time more effectively? What if I told you that by asking yourself some simple questions every morning, you could get more done and improve the success of your business?

Everybody knows that success is an ongoing process. You must adapt and change on a regular basis if you want to be successful in both life and business.

Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself everyday to increase your productivity:

Question #1: “What should I stop doing?”

Ask yourself:

“What should I stop doing right now that could make a difference in my life?”
What are some things you are doing which negatively impact your life? For example, if you are a smoker, you could stop smoking. If you’re low on energy, try reducing junk food and eating more lean meats and vegetables.

Question #2: “What should i start doing?”

The next question is to ask yourself is:
“What should I start doing to improve my life?”
This could be something simple, such as writing an email to a prospective client. Or it could be something more long-term and high impact, such as starting an exercise routine.

Question #3: “What do i need to do more of?”

Sometimes there are things that we simply don’t do enough of. For example, you may only make 2 prospecting calls per day because you lack confidence. By increasing the number of calls, you not only boost the chances you will acquire a new client, but also increase your confidence level through practice. Another example might be to eat more vegetables, this will benefit your health and productivity by giving your body healthy nutrients and increasing your energy levels.

Question #4: “What do i need to do less of?”

There are always tasks which you can minimise to drastically improve your productivity.  For example, reduce your level of procrastination by focusing on getting things done first thing in the morning. Or if you worry too much, practice understanding that there are things in life which you can't change or influence. Then move on and focus on what is important today.

Question #5: “What should i keep doing?”

Finally, ask yourself “What should I keep doing?”.
What are some things that are already working for you? For instance, if you are already successful in acquiring new clients, then you should keep chasing those leads. Is yoga practice in the morning giving you greater focus? Great! Keep it up! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Now, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is - sometimes challenging yourself and asking these tough questions can be stressful and a little uncomfortable. The good news is, when you ask yourself a question, you have a subconscious need to answer it, whether you like it or not.

So keep asking these questions, keep improving and remember to take action!

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