How To Get More Clients Through Storytelling

Would it be ok if i told you a story?

“Jack was from a small town. He was a family man and popular in his local community.

But Jack had some problems. He was struggling with his finances and drowning in debt. He just wasn’t able to generate enough sales from his business to stay afloat financially. Jack realised that if things continued this way, he would be filing for bankruptcy in under two months.

He had heard about a consultant who created a guaranteed system for getting more clients without even selling. After attending the consultant’s presentation, he quickly purchased the system. By the end of the first month Jack had doubled his client base, and paid all of his bills on time. By the end of 3 months, he had made more money than in the last 2 years of his business.

Jack no longer lives in fear, wondering where the next client is going to come from. He sends his children to the best schools and take his wife on exotic vacations. Jack is now considered a trusted advisor amongst his community on how to run a successful business and make more money”.

Did you like that story?

Many people ask me how I sell products and get clients so easily.
Is it because I’m the best salesperson in the world? No
In fact, it’s very simple - I just tell lots of stories.

People believe and trust in stories. They also will stick around to hear the entire story because they want to know how it ends. Would it be okay if I showed you how to tell stories, just like the one above, to get more clients?

There are 5 main points to a captivating and motivating story:

  1. The introduction (People meet Jack)
  2. A positive point about the person (People like Jack)
  3. A problem they are facing (Jack has money issues)
  4. How the person has overcome the problem (Jack found a system)
  5. The person is now a hero (Jack has money and is a pillar of the community)

When we tell a story, it’s not about us. The story is about somebody else, such as a client we have helped become more successful. If you were to talk about yourself, it would come across like you are trying to sell something. Instead, your audience lets their guard down when you tell them somebody else's story. Using words like struggling, drowning, and uncomfortable helps your audience relate to the person in the story. This works because most people have experienced this sort of pain or struggle in their own lives.

Can you guess what the very next question I get after I tell this story?

“Who was the consultant?” or “Tell me more about this system, where can I get it?”

That is how to get a sale more easily and more often, without even selling.

If you’d like to learn a little more about telling stories to get more clients, watch this video below, If you need some extra help, consider booking a one-on-one coaching session - so I can help you craft your perfect story.




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