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I am a better "giver" than a "closer."

‚Äč When I started my Business, my viewpoint was, "Convince people to buy or join." Every encounter with a prospect was a "win/lose", or "live or die" situation. I hated this. Not only did I not enjoy it, but I also lost most of the time. This definitely would not be sustainable over a long career. But what did I enjoy? What made me feel great? Giving. My new viewpoint when presenting to prospects? "I will gift my prospects with one more option for their lives." This means my prospects can keep their lives the same... Read full article

The 6 word close

Imagine we’re just starting our career. What should we do first? Here are our choices. #1. Find lots of prospects. Talk to everyone. Create marketing funnels, chat bots, and automated programs on the Internet. Buy duplicatable systems that claim to do it all. Spam our friends’ Facebook pages. Or, #2. Learn what to say to people. While the answer is obvious, new business owners or advisors don’t follow this common-sense advice. Even if they do get in front of a prospect, what are they going to say? Most don’t know, so they end up doing... Read full article

The three components of happiness are?

Fixes: The three components of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to. Dr Gordon Livingston, “Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart.” So if we enjoy our career we already have #1 and #3 taken care of. "I am trying to tell you that I am not interested." Most of our prospects are polite. They won't tell us "no" to our faces. They feel that it’s confrontational, and they want to save our self-image and feelings. So these prospects tell us "no" in other ways. Here... Read full article

What do you think Prospects are more interested in?

Your features and benefits or their problem? The more we know the less we grow, facts tell story’s sell, a simple story works so much better than a spread sheet of data. The truth is that we're born in the zone. Whether it was learning to walk or talk, you practiced tirelessly and didn't get bogged down in failures for one simple reason: you didn't think about them. We get out the zone because we think too much. The widely recognized formula for high performance is: Performance = capacity – interference And the primary source of... Read full article