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Pushy salespeople don't get it.

So, I get this phone call. The Gentleman caller says: "I want you to be my client/customer." Nothing like starting with his needs to build rapport. The caller went on about how he wanted me to change my electricity, sign up with him, how it would help his business, and never once asked me if I had a contract, if I was happy with my current supplier, or even if I had an electric bill! Was his service good? Yes. Were his service prices good? Yes. But he had already set up walls with his sales pitch about what he wanted. He was a "Solution... Read full article

This will make us smile.

He told me, “New clients is all about building relationships.” I nodded. And then he said, “That is why I’m using automated chatbots on my Facebook page.” Head slap! Ugh! And he said it with a sincere smile. I didn’t want to upset his delusions. I am sure in our next conversation he will be telling me about automated attraction marketing using autoresponders, and bonding over text. Faking sincerity seldom works. People can sense if we are transactional, or if we really care. They know when we have good intentions. How... Read full article

Bad news for untrained advisors.

As you know the general public doesn't want to invest at the moment. The markets are down. The banks offer 4% guaranteed returns. Clients have lost money in the past 2 years. You and I know that the best time to invest is when the markets are down ... but our prospects don't know or believe this. How are your Advisors going to cope? Will they let objections defeat them? Will they slow down on getting new business? Or ... will they sharpen their objection skills, and learn how to convert objections into buying opportunities? It's time for the... Read full article

Stop looking for cheap and easy shortcuts. (Let’s use our unfair advantage.)

If sending a text worked, our company would have done it already. They wouldn't need us. Once we stop looking for lazy secrets to success, we will think, "Hey, what can I do better? What can I do that the company can't do? Why does the company need me?" And the answer is ... To have a conversation with a "live" human being. To have a relationship with someone instead of bombarding everyone with a faceless, heartless text. You and I are awesome at this. Let's use our power to do this. Our company can't do it. We can. Here... Read full article