This will make us smile.

He told me, “New clients is all about building relationships.”

I nodded.

And then he said, “That is why I’m using automated chatbots on my Facebook page.”

Head slap! Ugh! And he said it with a sincere smile.

I didn’t want to upset his delusions. I am sure in our next conversation he will be telling me about automated attraction marketing using autoresponders, and bonding over text.

Faking sincerity seldom works. People can sense if we are transactional, or if we really care. They know when we have good intentions.

How professional prospecting works. "How to solve your ongoing problem for ever."

Step 1. Listen to our prospects to see if they have a problem.

Step 2. Ask our prospects if they want to fix their problem.

Step 3. Find out when our prospects want to fix their problem.

Now, or sometime in the future.

Step 4. If they want to fix their problems now. We give them the option of what we offer, or they can continue keeping their life the same.

Objection: “It is too expensive.”

A quick way to get to the point is to say:

“It will cost us either way. Yes, there is a cost of going ahead, but there is also a cost of not going ahead.”

Next, we continue the conversation by talking about the cost of not going ahead, how much our prospect will lose by procrastinating, opportunities lost, etc.

2022 is over. Did we blow it? We are now in 2023, the year has already started.

Maybe we didn’t set a goal and the year drifted by. Now we are a year older.

Or maybe we set a goal, and mentally abandoned the goal after one week. That happens too.

So, what about 2023? Will we change our results?

Now is the time to move forward and turn those dreams and goals into … results!!!

Bad joke with a moral

Henny Youngman once said:

"I got all the money I ever need -- if I die by 4 o'clock."

If you are not planning to die that quickly, learn the full-time skills you need to build your business fast.



  • I play the triangle in a reggae band. I stand at the back and ting.
  • I've been told that I'm not ambitious enough. My boss said if there was an Olympic sport for being lazy, the bronze medal would be mine.
  • I wish I knew who took the jack from under my car. The suspension is killing me.
  • Apparently, you can only say, "Look at you. You've got so big," to children. Old girlfriends tend to get offended.
  • I can't help being lazy. It walks in the family.
  • Lord help me to be the person my dog thinks I am.




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