Bad news for untrained advisors.

As you know the general public doesn't want to invest at the moment.

  • The markets are down.
  • The banks offer 4% guaranteed returns.
  • Clients have lost money in the past 2 years.

You and I know that the best time to invest is when the markets are down ... but our prospects don't know or believe this.

How are your Advisors going to cope? Will they let objections defeat them? Will they slow down on getting new business? Or ... will they sharpen their objection skills, and learn how to convert objections into buying opportunities?

It's time for the team to sharpen their skills and create new clients with proven and tested word skills that give them the confidence to perform.

  • Learn better face-to-face phrases.
  • Learn better online marketing closing skills.
  • Learn how to disarm sceptical prospects.
  • Learn how to get current clients to invest more.
  • Learn high-level rapport skills to get instant "yes" decisions.

The days of automatic safe large returns with no influencing skills, and just turning up to annual review meetings where people just gave more money ... are past.

In the next few tough years, Advisors with magnetic and comfortable skills will create a huge increase in clients, while un-trained Advisors will complain about the economy, etc.

Is your team ready to increase their business now?

If they are, please call me and we can discuss how to upskill the Advisor team fast.

Looking forward to talking to you.



I thought it was the tumble dryer that shrank my clothes. Turns out it was the refrigerator.


There's a strange new trend in the office.

People are putting names on food in the company fridge.

Today I had a sandwich named Kevin




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