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Premature presentations

New Advisors are terrified of meeting new prospects. Why? Because they approach cold prospects with an agenda. Prospects can sense and feel when we have an agenda of selling what we have. It feels like this. We approach a prospect and say “would you be interested in my business/offering?” Definitely not great opening statements. Instead, why can’t we just be normal? Here is a little formula for helping new Advisors expand their circle of acquaintances. Smile. Say “hi” in a friendly way. Ask someone how they are doing. Ask... Read full article

Top starting phrases we can say when we get objections.

​​Top starting phrases we can say when we get objections. I understand where you're coming from. I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right. A lot of people wonder about that exact same thing. Good point. Can I ask you to explain that to me a bit more? That is definitely something to consider. The first rule of answering an objection is to have empathy, and when possible, agreement. Prospects want to feel that they have been heard. Fun starting phrases we can say to sceptical prospects. I see your point. What about this? How do you... Read full article

Why do we beat ourselves up?

​ Leading performance psychologist and Chairman of the Human Performance Institute Dr. Jim Loehr said: "Your mindset puts a lid on what you can achieve, because your body hears everything your mind says and acts accordingly." If you go to a restaurant, you wouldn't order your least favourite dish, would you? Yet when it comes to our thinking, we humans have a habit of choosing the most unsavoury thought patterns that don't support what we want to achieve. If beating ourselves up worked, we would all have a six-pack, a fat wallet and a... Read full article

Why people switch off from our Presentations?

"The pulvinar nuclei of the thalamus play a major role in attention and filter out unnecessary information." This is what we sound like when we unnecessarily complicate our presentations. Now we have scientific proof that our prospects ... ignore us! And even if we get an appointment, our prospects will only remember a tiny portion of what we present. Bad solution: Create more slides, more videos, and even more information. Better solution: Learn how to get prospects to pay attention to us and remember what we present. So, which solution will we... Read full article