Top starting phrases we can say when we get objections.

​​Top starting phrases we can say when we get objections.

  1. I understand where you're coming from.
  2. I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right.
  3. A lot of people wonder about that exact same thing.
  4. Good point. Can I ask you to explain that to me a bit more?
  5. That is definitely something to consider.

The first rule of answering an objection is to have empathy, and when possible, agreement. Prospects want to feel that they have been heard.

Fun starting phrases we can say to sceptical prospects.

  1. I see your point. What about this?
  2. How do you think we can improve this?
  3. That’s good, and what about …?
  4. Yes, I have several more perspectives on this.
  5. So, what you are thinking is …

Learn better words and phrases.

Prospects judge us quickly, by the words and phrases we say. Here is a quote that illustrates the power of choosing better words.

"A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed."

--Angela DeVincentis Bobal


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