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How do you avoid negative people and negative conversations?

Whilst speaking at a conference in Melbourne 2 weeks ago, I got chatting to an old retired farmer named Bill who told me, "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”  Now this odd statement whilst I was in line to get a coffee before the conference made me think. I added this point making it a short story in the keynote which was well received Stories sell, facts tell. Stories are very important to make a point more interesting. Do you know people who like to argue? Find fault with things? Never happy? So do not give them the... Read full article

More Rejection and Why

The Professional: "But I invited 100 people I know and only one person wanted to come to a presentation. I hate all this rejection!" Hmm. Think about this. Three possible problems here. Problem #1: If you are saying the wrong words on the phone, prospects are not rejecting the opportunity, since they don't even know what the opportunity is yet. The prospects are rejecting the words you use to make the invitation. Solution? Learn new trained words and better telephone techniques to invite. Problem #2: The prospects are rejecting... Read full article