How do you avoid negative people and negative conversations?

Whilst speaking at a conference in Melbourne 2 weeks ago, I got chatting to an old retired farmer named Bill who told me, "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”  Now this odd statement whilst I was in line to get a coffee before the conference made me think. I added this point making it a short story in the keynote which was well received

Stories sell, facts tell. Stories are very important to make a point more interesting.

Do you know people who like to argue? Find fault with things? Never happy? So do not give them the pleasure of engaging in a “Pig Wrestle”. Avoid them and “wrestling with the pig”.

That is what these people thrive on - negative energy - so please do not feed it.

Want a one-word response to disarm these ‘Pigs who want to Wrestle” then?

The word is “Fine”. 

If you get a negative statement, and are asked for a response, say “Fine” - it will numb the conversation.

The word “fine" says “is this your best statement? Is that it?” The negative statement ends there.  Great for telephone calls as well.


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