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How do I know what to say?

The purpose of business is to solve other people’s problems. So, the question should be, “How do I know what problem my prospect has?” Answer: By listening. That is why the “talkers” have trouble building a business. How can we know what problems people have if we are doing all the talking? Shy people? Great listeners. Awesome at finding out prospects’ problems. Insane logic. Single friends give us marriage advice. Broke friends give us financial advice. Employees give us business advice. Friends who are overweight give... Read full article

Overcoming our prospects’ fears.

Salesmen scare their prospects. Salesmen have an agenda and want to sell them something. Nobody likes to be sold, but people love to buy. So how do we get people to feel like they are buying instead feeling like they are being sold? By putting the control of the information flow in their hands. When someone is giving a presentation, they are selling to us. When they ask questions, and they answer our questions, we are buying. See the difference? What question will change their perception of us? "What would you like to know first?" Instead of... Read full article

This hurts … when we "get it" …

When we are brand new in business, and don’t know anything, everyone tells us “What to do." We listen to guru speeches, motivational trainings, take notes at seminars, and feel great after the company conventions. Next, we listen to endless Zoom calls telling us even more things to do. Nice. We know what to do. We don’t need any more lists of what to do. We already know we should talk to prospects, close our prospects, follow up, be positive, have the eye of the tiger, post our goals, be an example … and well, we know all of this... Read full article

Agree and close.

​ Step #1: Agree with prospects that they have a problem. Step #2: Ask them about their current plans to fix their problem. Step #3: Watch them squirm and make excuses and realize they have no solution. Step #4: Ask the prospects if they would like us to share a solution with them. Step #5: Watch our business grow fast. Notice that we didn't show them a PowerPoint presentation or a company video. Instead, we got our prospects to make a "yes" decision to solve their problem. That is where the real decision is made. Our presentations come... Read full article