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What question will help us make better presentations?

"What would you like to know first?" Instead of pitching and presenting, we put our prospects in the question-asking mode. It’s easy. And it is polite. Prospects hate a one-way conversation where we just talk at them. So as soon as possible, ask the question: "What would you like to know first?" Our prospects will feel more in control of the information, and they will tell us exactly what they want to know. Why prospects join. If prospects joined because of information, companies wouldn't need us. They already have... Read full article

How I learned "mind-reading" ninja skill

Here is the short story. I cheat. This takes two steps. #1. Ask better starter questions. These will get our prospects to open up more. We want them to tell us exactly what they are thinking. This way we can serve them better. Examples? "What would you like to know first?" "What would you like to know next?" "Why did you decide to start looking now?" "What will happen if you could retire earlier?" #2. Learn to listen. Our prospects will tell us exactly what we need to know. Prospects love speaking what’s... Read full article

The 3-word formula for success

"How we can" formula. The three words, "how we can", makes prospects pay attention and listen to our benefits. So, when we describe our products, business, or advise use these words for better impact. How we can: Be the first one to retire in your peer group. Have on going automatic leads. Build family memories with a holiday of a lifetime. Increase our investments while we sleep. Improve our portfolio in just one meeting. Protect our children from paying inheritance tax. Understand when we can retire in one coffee meeting. How to... Read full article

My three most-used phrases.

​ Of the four basic skills, rapport is #1. If we don’t have rapport, well, we have no chance. Phrase #1: "Well, you know how." Great rapport builder. Phrase #2: "Most people." Creates rapport and closes. Phrase #3: "Would it be okay if." An easy close. Add power words when talking with prospects. Tested. (Seems credible.) Proven. (No more scepticism.) Endorsed. (Someone important agrees.) Discover. (Gets their attention.) Options. (They feel relaxed and in control.) Think about. (Causes them to consider our fact... Read full article

Two Professionals walk down a street of prospects …

​ The first Professional talks to everyone. No prospects. He thinks, "What a bunch of dumb prospects. My offer is too expensive. The economy is bad. This business is too hard." The second Professional talks to the same prospects. The prospects react, "Wow! Tell me more!" They think, "What a great gold mine of prospects. Almost everyone wants what I offer." The lesson? Prospects are neutral. They don’t become a good prospect or a bad prospect, until they meet us. They make a quick decision based on the words we say. If you... Read full article