Two Professionals walk down a street of prospects …

The first Professional talks to everyone. No prospects. He thinks, "What a bunch of dumb prospects. My offer is too expensive. The economy is bad. This business is too hard."

The second Professional talks to the same prospects. The prospects react, "Wow! Tell me more!" They think, "What a great gold mine of prospects. Almost everyone wants what I offer."

The lesson?

Prospects are neutral. They don’t become a good prospect or a bad prospect, until they meet us. They make a quick decision based on the words we say.

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True friends?

"You will fail! You don’t have the experience to start your own business." Nice to have supportive friends. Their confidence in me was underwhelming.

I thought to myself, "How do I get experience if I don’t try? And wait, everyone in business now had no experience when they started. If they can do it, then so can I."

So with the bulging confidence of an unskilled idiot, I started my speaking and coaching business. Well, I couldn’t change the "idiot" part of my description, but eventually, I changed the "unskilled" part, and that is when things started to happen.

Confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation … isn’t enough to succeed. To succeed, we will have to start doing things right. No one wants an over-motivated, incompetent surgeon to operate on them. Skills matter.

Don’t we need both? Don’t we need motivation and skill?

Yes. But most of us have motivation when we start. That is a hint. We want to make our business succeed.

What is missing? Skills. Good first sentences. Effective ice breakers. Communication skills. And learning a few of these can be the difference between success … and quitting. Ouch.

This will help, on the 11th May for our free webinar we cover these skills, 1.30pm to 2.30pm GMT - (9:30am – 10:30am ET and 8:30am – 9:30am CT)

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Boss: Do you believe in the afterlife?

Employee: No I don't, because there's no proof. 

Boss: So if I could prove to you that there is life after death, would you believe in the afterlife?

Employee: If you could prove it 100%, then I would believe in life after death.

Boss: OK. Here's the proof. After you left early yesterday to go to your Uncle's funeral, he came here looking for you to go and play golf.




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