My three most-used phrases.

Of the four basic skills, rapport is #1. If we don’t have rapport, well, we have no chance.

Phrase #1: "Well, you know how." Great rapport builder.

Phrase #2: "Most people." Creates rapport and closes.

Phrase #3: "Would it be okay if." An easy close.

Add power words when talking with prospects.

  • Tested. (Seems credible.)
  • Proven. (No more scepticism.)
  • Endorsed. (Someone important agrees.)
  • Discover. (Gets their attention.)
  • Options. (They feel relaxed and in control.)
  • Think about. (Causes them to consider our fact deeply.)

There are two types of financial advisors in the World.

  1. Those that know exactly how to handle objections. And ..
  2. Those that starve.

Harsh. But true.

Now, objections happen.

People have problems. They don’t want what we offer. And yes, we can create objections by choosing the wrong words too. But …

If we could crush objections, with no rejection, would that give us superpowers?

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