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The four steps to get more clients.

‚Äč Maybe we've seen too many movies of sleazy salesmen from the 1970s. Here is how selling should work. Step #1. Listen to our prospects to see if they have a problem that we could fix. (If we listen, they will like us.) Step #2. Ask our prospects if they want to fix their problems. (Yes, some people want to keep their problems. It makes them happy.) Step #3. Find out when our prospects want to fix their problems; now, or sometime in the future. (Timing is everything. They may have bigger issues at the moment. We will respect that.) Step #4. If they... Read full article

How to be More Successful Confident and Fulfil Your Potential

Which one are we? Two young men graduate from school. The first young man goes to work in his career, and then finally retires when he is old. The other young man starts his career, but every day learns one new thing. In a few years, his knowledge, skill level, and abilities command a larger salary. He earns more money and has the option to retire earlier. It isn’t rocket science. We either learn and grow or stay the same … which is actually falling behind. Here is something fun. Start every day with excitement by saying to ourselves,... Read full article