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Which words work better?

Can you ...?  Would it be okay if ...? (Better)   I would like to give you a presentation. Would you like at least one more option? (Better)   Well, what do you want to do? What would be easier for you? (Better)   Let me tell you ... Well, you know how ... (Better)   Maybe it isn’t our offer. Maybe it is how we offer it. Choosing better words will make our offers more attractive to our prospects. When frustration is good. If we wanted one quality to look for when prospecting, how about... Read full article

This quote isn't true.

‚Äč We have probably all heard someone say, “We rise to the occasion.” What does this mean? I guess it means, “We instantly acquire new skills because we are motivated.” Uh, that’s not really true. Instead, maybe we should re-word this old saying to: “We rise to our level of skills.” Here is an example. The lion tamer at the circus gets food poisoning. We get named as the replacement. This is our big chance to perform. We are motivated. We are excited. We will “rise to the occasion” and become ...... Read full article