This quote isn't true.

We have probably all heard someone say, “We rise to the occasion.”

What does this mean? I guess it means, “We instantly acquire new skills because we are motivated.”

Uh, that’s not really true.

Instead, maybe we should re-word this old saying to:

“We rise to our level of skills.”

Here is an example.

The lion tamer at the circus gets food poisoning. We get named as the replacement. This is our big chance to perform. We are motivated. We are excited.

We will “rise to the occasion” and become ... lion food.

With no skills, no experience, and only motivation, this will end badly.

And what about our careers?

Our new member of staff says, “I won’t bother learning rapport and ice breaker skills. When I meet a prospect, I will rise to the occasion and think of something to say then.”

This will end badly too.

We rise to our skill levels. And the good news is that we can raise our skill levels every day of our career. We can have a goal of learning something new every day.



Put downs by comedians to hecklers:

I’m sorry can't understand what you're saying. I'm wearing a moron filter - Arthur Smith

Your bus leaves in 10 minutes. Be under it - John Cooper Clarke

What are you so angry about? Has the price of Play Dough gone up? - Henning When

Well it's a night out for him and a night off for his family - Jack Dee




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