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Why people Quit, Quitting is a human thing?

‚Äč Quitting is a human thing. We quit diets, quit jobs, quit eating, quit watching television at night, and well, quitting is normal and many times good for us. If we feel like quitting because we can’t build a business or productive team, consider these two solutions first. Solution #1. Talk to hundreds or thousands of prospects. Hope to find the rare individuals who aren't quitters, who are totally self-motivated, and will ignore our feeble sales pitch. Solution #2. Learn to use better words and phrases so we don't talk prospects out of using our... Read full article

Fixed mindsets vs growth mindsets.

We either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.  Here is one of the differences between the two mindsets. “Reasons why” versus “reasons why not.” Fixed growth mindsets look for “reasons why not,” why an opportunity won’t work for them. But where did they get that mindset trait? Here is just one place: work. If a fixed-mindset person hates his job, when a problem or challenge occurs, he is more than happy to say he can’t move forward. This means he won’t have to work harder on a job he... Read full article